08 Mar

Exactly What Your Kids Need To Know About Paying It Forward!

My dad was a huge believer of Paying It Forward before it became a fad! He didn’t call it that though, he just considered it as him being a GREAT person!

Growing up, people would always tell me how dope my dad was. They always told me that I was lucky to have a father like him but I didn’t get it until I was in my 20’s.

I watched him navigate the block with ease being able to speak to the drug dealers and to the people “making it” outside of the hood. He was able to get along with everyone because of his actions and treatment of others. He never passed judgment on anyone and helped anyone that asked, that’s exactly the type of people I want my kids to be!

But it doesn’t just happen, so here are a few things I try to teach them about Paying It Forward like a boss supposed to! Remember it’s up to us!

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01 Mar

You Don’t Have To Spend Big To Do It Big In Vegas With Your Kids

I have been fighting a trip to Las Vegas since my college days. I can play a great game of cee-lo, poker or black jack, but gambling outside of the stock market never interested me. Neither did the night life.

I always thought Vegas was a place to gamble and the way I respect my cash, I never saw it as anything else.

Now as an adult with a family I finally took the trip and I learned that I WAS WRONG!

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22 Feb

4 Things Your Kids Need To Know About Teamwork

A few days ago I took my son to a day of intensive basketball training with A&B basketball. Before our workouts they play a game called break the chain in order to warm up, encourage teamwork and wake the kids up.

I watched as a simple game became difficult because the kids were not working as a team. The coach eventually stopped everyone and explained to them; that they could not win without working as a team.

It took them a while but they finally got it!

As I watched them I realized that teamwork is a hard concept to grasp at any age. We are taught by default to take care of and worry about ourselves. But this same thinking can ruin your progression or even your relationships.

Learning to work as part of a team takes some time but once it’s mastered things work much better. Here are some of the things I try to emphasize with my kids and sometimes even with other adults.

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15 Feb

An Urban Dad’s Guide To Chuck E Cheese’s

Chuck E Cheese’s has become one of my family’s favorite places to visit! I can let my kids run wild why I have my own fun which makes it ideal for a rainy day or any day that we need something last minute to do.

We take full advantage of it and it’s definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event

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08 Feb

How To Enjoy Toys “R” Us For Free 99

One of my favorite stores growing up was Toys “R” Us. Till this day that I don’t want to grow up jingle is stuck in my head!

My dad would take me there whenever I wanted to buy a new video game or other toys. Now with 3 sons I get to continue the tradition but unlike my dad, we don’t spend lots of cash there. Instead we visit the store when they are hosting a FREE event.

Yup you read that correctly! Toys R Us holds at least 1 FREE event a month and you can be part of it WITHOUT having to spend a dollar!

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01 Feb

Why You Should Never Miss An Event Starring Your Child

I was one of the lucky kids growing up!

My dad didn’t just donate sperm; he raised me alongside my mother. I was blessed to have him there every morning and every night. I was his twin and he was with me almost everywhere I went.

However; like many dads, my dad was never there to watch me receive an award from school, never watched me play on a sports team and was never there to see me receive my 2 degrees from college. Heck he didn’t even make it to my wedding!

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25 Jan

5 Ways To Teach Kids About Money Without Boring Them

I grew up on food stamps and welfare. I have no shame about it and learned very quickly at a young age the power of having and saving money.


School didn’t teach me a damn thing about money! My dad, experiences and books did that for me! Now I’m using what I learned from him and my own investments to help my kids learn about cash without making it boring.

There’s so many ways that a dad can teach his kids about money but these 5 things help me educate them without boring them to death!

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18 Jan

Surviving A Lego Session With Your Kids! #FatherhoodIsLit

Most parents swear by Legos, but it took me a while to appreciate their power.

Kit & Where To Buy: LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Rampage 75917 Building Kit
Price: $60 Affiliate Link Above
Dress Code: What ever you want
Time Needed: 3hrs/ 3 1 Hour Sessions
Age Range: all
Fun Factor: All The Way Up

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10 Jan

Attending A Free Kids Basketball Clinic With The Brooklyn Nets

A friend sent me a link to a FREE Monthly Brooklyn Nets Kids Basketball Academy which most NBA teams do as a way to give back to their community! I highly recommend you check to see if your city has something similar to it. Just go to google or click here and replace the Nets with your city’s team.

We took full advantage of it and it is definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event

Price: Free
Dress Code: Come As You Please
Time Needed: 2 Hours
Age Range: 6-12
Fun Factor: All The Way Up
Registration Needed: Yes Here’s The Link

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17 Oct

How To Survive Coaching Youth Basketball For The 1st Time

Ever thought about coaching a sports team that your child was in but not sure how? I got YOU!

To ensure I had the quality time with my then 9 year old son, I challenged myself to coach his CYO 4th grade basketball team.

I was a 1st time coach and had a team of 1st time basketball players in a league where there was no mercy.

I survived coaching, it wasn’t easy at first but these few things really helped me!

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