16 Aug

Classic Movies To Watch With Your Kids #FatherhoodIsLit

People who LIKE movies have a favorite. People who LOVE movies couldn’t possibly choose.
Nicole Yatsonsky

I’m with Nicole on that one!

I used to love watching movies as a kid with my dad. We would watch pretty much anything he wanted no matter the rating or scare factor.

If it got too crazy he would end it.

I’m sure mom wasn’t always happy with some of his favorites but I’m glad we could have that time together. That #presenceoverpresents time is everything!

He loved movies and he passed that love to me! Now I get to do the same with my own kids!

Sometimes though, there are way too many choices! Finding a movie to watch becomes a hassle.

One day I posted this on the #FatherhoodIsLit Instagram and I asked dads for their favorite classics that were a must watch!

DADS immediately started to send me their movie recommendations.

Check out what a few had to say below and I will continue to update the list

Got a suggestion hit me up and remember





The Goonies


The Nightmare Before Christmas


Recommended By @chroniclesofa90skid  @prezidentscollection @djceeaye23  @stangnhoops @f.a.t.daddy @noitsnotbrainsurgery And More



It… That was the only horror flick that scared the SHIT out of me as a kid @dearagonydad



Jason Goes To Hell


Recommended By @dearagonydad and more

The Never Ending Story


That Dennis The Menace movie w Walter Matthau is a classic for sure lol!! @prezidentscollection



Stand By Me


Recommended By @prezidentscollection and more

Edward Scissor Hands




Recommended By @mk1_joel and more

The Little Rascals


Little Giants



My kid loves the classic Ghostbusters! @djceeaye23


Recommended By @djceeaye23 and more



Drop Dead Fred




Recommended By @noitsnotbrainsurgery

Killer Klowns From Outer Space


Recommended By @marshallculpepper


My son loves Indiana Jones movies, we watched Raising Arizona the other day! @sidney_hope06


Mars Attack!


The Karate Kid! Then we go through about 3 hours straight of them trying to do the crane and sweep on each other’s legs! @dadalanche1




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