15 Nov

Surviving Parent Teacher Conferences Like A #RealDad

Open school night can be one the scariest nights as a parent!

Will your kids embarrass you with their behavior, will you be stuck there all night? Or will they surprise you and be the best kid you could ever expect?

So much to think about, so much pressure, for a day that only lasts a few hours.

Parent-teacher conferences are a perfect to learn what you need to do to help your child become successful. It is not a day where you scream at your child to give off the perception of caring or get embarrassed by asking what some might see as silly questions!

It’s your night to get your mind wrapped around your child’s education, use it.

Parent Teacher Conferences, Show Up Because You Care

Parent Teacher Conferences #FatherhoodIsLit

One thing I hate to hear my kids say is “you didn’t want to go, so why should I?”

It’s a valid statement and one that I never want to hear from them. Dads need to be there, not just mothers!

One way to show your kids that you care about their education is showing up to a parent-teacher conference where they are the featured presentation. Even though the school is packed with kids, your only focus should be them and their teachers.

That type of attention can go a long way and they will know that you will always know what’s going on!

My kids know we put education 1st in my house! It matters to us that they do well, there is no better way to show it than showing up!

Appointment times, yeah about that!

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When I first got a letter asking me to pick a time slot to meet my son’s teacher I was hyped!

I thought an appointment meant I would go there around my designated time and be out of there in less than 10 minutes!!!! Who wouldn’t love that, I was wrong!

I have learned throughout the years that appointment times are used to stay organized but that shit never works. You will never see your kids teachers at the time you selected.

Just like life, something always happens so banking on only being there for a set amount of time is a waste. I like to pick the last couple of time slots since most parents don’t want to be there that late.

By then, the teachers are exhausted and ready to leave. They work faster and push the parents to move quickly to get out of school at a reasonable time. It works perfectly for our family since that early rush would drive me crazy! I hate standing around doing nothing, especially with kids that want to keep it moving all the time!

Be Curious, It’s Your Time Ask Questions

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You can’t help your kids if you are lost yourself.  You ever try to help your kids with homework and have no idea what you are doing?

That happens to me all the time and I sometimes feel like I’m doing school all over again.

Teachers know that you don’t know everything and are more than willing to help you figure things out. I have gotten answer sheets and more from teachers simply by asking, you cant be ashamed to do so.

Your child’s teacher also spends a huge amount of time with your kids and sometimes they know things about them that we simply don’t. This is your chance to find out!

Even if the questions might seem silly,  these are questions I want the answers to, you should feel the same way.

This is what parent-teacher conference is all about! Teachers won’t get upset that you are asking questions! Most times they will be very happy to know that you are invested in your child’s education!

They don’t need to be super hard questions either, just make sure you actually care about the answers.

Going Off On Your Kids Doesn’t Change A Damn Thing

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Have you ever seen a parent scream at their kids at parent-teacher conference? Or better yet, you ever hear a dad say “wait until we get home, I’m going to tear that behind up!!!!!”

If you never heard this before, you are one lucky mofo!

I have heard it before and can tell you that it doesn’t do a damn thing for your child!

All it does is put a negative spotlight on your family! I’m all for disciplining my kids, but screaming at them in front of everyone doesn’t do that. All it does is embarrass them, it doesn’t automatically change their behavior.

Imagine being a kid again and having to go to school the next day after your dad verbally embarrasses you. That can’t be fun and I’m sure it doesn’t make you work harder.

Instead, listen to what your child’s teacher says and then use all your energy to work with your child. A child’s behavior won’t change overnight, put in the effort gradually over time.

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To many, especially the parents that have kids that excel, the parent-teacher night might feel like a waste a time. However, #RealDads know that this is the perfect time to actually learn about your child’s education and to build a solid working relationship with their teachers.

An education is one of the most valuable things your kid could ever receive, do your part to make sure they are heading in the right direction. Show up, learn, and then apply. It might not always feel like it, but it’s an investment that will pay dividends for life.

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How do you survive parent-teacher conferences? Hit me up!



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