We Help Dads Find Cool Activities And Events They Can Love With Their Kids!

Being Present Doesn’t Have To Be Boring


Cool4Dads is a community that makes it easier to discover events that DADS would LOVE to do with their KIDS.

We help YOU build meaningful memories by identifying activities that can equally be enjoyed by kids and adults in hopes of enhancing your time spent together.


Our mission is to reinforce that being present doesn’t have to be boring.

It can be as simple as a day at the park or a special neighborhood event.

We help you find them!


Father of 3 Boys x Tech Entrepreneur x Founder ThePhatStartup.com, Tech808.

I am a Hip Hop dad born and raised in the South Bronx of NYC. More Here!

I’m all about spending quality time with my kids and finding events or activities that are fun for all of us.  Why should THEY have all the fun???

But it’s hard finding them, so… 

I started Cool4Dads to give people like me an outlet to learn and share information about cool things we like to do with our greatest gifts.