31 Jul

Becoming A Superhero Dad with Jason Mayden

Episode 8 of the #FatherhoodIsLit Podcast is all about being a superhero.

I am a hero to my kids, not because I spoil them with materialistic things but because I will do anything in my power to take care of them. I spoil them with my time and the lessons I got and didn’t get from my own dad.

The foundation is being built!

Spoiling them with presents and things that I never was able to receive as a child is cool, but spoiling them with a solid foundation is what really makes a father SPECIAL.

jay superhero fatherhood is lit

Sitting down to chat about fatherhood with Super Heroic’s own Jason Mayden really brought this to light. Jason is making major moves by combining his love of technology with his love of designing sneakers.

Most people don’t know, but kid sneakers are usually carbon copies of adult size sneakers. They are designed for adults, not kids. Jason is changing that.

He grew up in the trenches of the South Side area of Chicago, where he eventually worked his ass off to become the youngest Intern Designer at Nike, built the classic dad shoe, the Air Monarch (yuck,) became friends with legends, flew around in private jets and it still wasn’t enough.

Jason has friends like Michael Jordan and Phil Knight by his side but that wasn’t enough. He wanted to leave a legacy bigger than his work as a Global Brand Director of Jordan Brand.

Becoming a superhero

One of my favorite moments with Jason was talking about how his kids could have any sneaker they want due to his network. However; Jason said, those perks were his. He worked for them not his kids. When you hear why he said that you will get it, but one thing for sure, we got to keep them hungry!

Listen below to find out how Jason Mayden is becoming that superhero dad we all want to become and how you can do it as well. We are available on APPLE, SPOTIFY, and STITCHER.

Let’s get it, make your presence felt.

Hit Jason up on IG @jasonmayden

To get your kids kicks that are actually made for them and to encourage play, check out his company Super Heroic

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