10 Jan

Catch A Tag With Dad

Catch a Tag With Dad, a Cool4Dads Certified Event!

Details Below:

Where: Projectivity Lab, Staten Island NY
When: Sat January 26, 2pm-4pm
Cost:  Tickets Available Below $10 per canvas, we provided the rest of the supplies. Dads and kids can work on one canvas together, or purchase another one if needed. I’ll need two or risk having my kids arguing all night.  ?

Growing up in the South Bronx, I was always in awe when I would pass by certain Graffiti.

I loved it and always wanted to learn how to write graffiti or bubble letters but I was horrible at it!

Now I get to learn how to do it the right way with my kids and so can YOU!

Join us Sat 26th as we sit down with Christian Penn of Projectivity to learn about graffiti and to make our own creations on canvas. He is behind all the cool school murals around Staten Island like this one at Hungerford School.


He has skills and will help us step our game UP!



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Hungerford School complete Thanks @kwuemolly , @scrambledeggsit And @tekstthc

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Fathers and their kids’ will get the chance to use stencils made of bubble/box letters to create their own ART work together.

We will learn how to add 3d effects, shading and more together, just how we like it.

Kids love showing off their work, but this time they get to say they did it with dad!

It’s going to be a dope time, but space is limited so RSVP ASAP!

Details Below:

Where: Projectivity Lab,
When: Sat January 26, 2pm-4pm
Age: All ages welcomed
Cost: $10 per canvas, we provided the rest of the supplies. Dads are welcomed to work on one canvas together with their kids and if needed, can purchase another blank canvass to work on. I’m going to need 2 of them or a huge fight will break out later ?

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