26 Mar

Family Over Everything, Sherlock Gnomes Reinforced It

The term family over everything means the world to me and I hope my kids learn to feel the same way.

I was invited to attend an advance screening of Sherlock Gnomes with my son and was reminded of this concept throughout the movie.

#FatherhoodIsLit #SherlockGnomes

In one scene, Juliet screamed out to Gnomeo, “the garden can’t wait, you can” after Gnomeo tried to explain himself to Juliet. My 5 year probably didn’t understand the severity of that statement, but I did. I felt bad for Gnomeo, his boo just chose the garden over his thoughts.

That theme continues throughout the movie and it reminded me of how important it is to not only say family over everything but actually believing it.

Tomorrow Is Never Promised

#FatherhoodIsLit x #SherlockGnomes

There were moments in Sherlock Gnomes where you knew something bad was going to happen. There was one particular scene where almost all the Gnomes were wiped out and you could feel how much they meant to Gnomeo and Juliet.

It was one of those, tomorrow is never promised moments. We all know how true this is but sometimes forget.

I do this for many things but refuse to do this with my mama. I call her almost every single day. Sometimes our conversations last for hours, sometimes it’s a quick hello and I love you.

It doesn’t really matter how long we speak but what matters is that we got to talk to each other. I know my mother won’t be around forever and if something happened to her, I would feel like total crap if I didn’t get to speak to her.

My kids notice this and since they are young they might not really understand why dad always has to call grandma. However; I know one thing, kids mimic what they see, hopefully, they will call me when they are older just like I call my mom.

Tomorrow is never promised, this is why I spend so much time with my kids.  Always try to remind your kids about that and when you can, show them.

Taking Friends For Granted

#FatherhoodIsLit x #SherlockGnomes

Sometimes friends become family and we end up taking their presence for granted. We disregard how much they mean to us and honestly just don’t treat them right.

There was a scene in the movie when Sherlock did the same thing to Watson. He downplayed how much Watson meant to him and his success, and then almost lost him.

Sound familiar? It’s ok, I have done it also and will probably continue to do it.

It’s easy to notice something like this when you are looking in from the outside, but when you are the perpetrator… Well, that gets tricky.

I hate when my friends do it to me and I know my kids hate it also. Don’t you? By teaching my kids not to take their friends for granted, I’m also helping myself become better. Win-win.


Just like in Sherlock Gnomes, it’s easy to get caught up, get busy, tired or many other things instead of spending time with your family. However; none of these things matter as much as FAMILY.

You don’t need to be a sleuth like Sherlock Gnomes to understand how important your family and circle is to you. Make sure you actually put your family over everything instead of just saying that you do. All of the other stuff can wait.

Don’t just say that it’s family over everything, mean it and let your actions show it. Make your presence felt.


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