21 Mar

Hey Dad, I Want One Of Those Also #FatherhoodIsLit

Hey dad, I want one of those also!

#FatherhoodIsLit Bacon Egg & Cheese Also

A few months ago my oldest son had a full week of trips with his middle school. He needed lunch for these trips and asked if he could buy bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches for his trips. He’s a true New Yorker already, I love it!

I didn’t think much of it and hooked him up. My 5 year old caught wind of this and started asking for the same thing. I told him no but also promised that when he had a school trip, we would do the same thing.

A month later at 6:30 am, my 5-year-old walked up to me and said, “dad do you remember?”

I had no idea what he was talking about and basically kept pushing him away. It was too early to play a guessing game but my wife hooked me up.

She said, “he has to be like the other, he has a school trip today!”

I wiped the crust out of my eye while trying to figure out this cryptic message until it finally hit me. He wanted a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich for his trip just like his older brother had.

Lesson 1: Kids don’t forget sh*t!

#FatherhoodIsLit Lunar Year

He never forgets his red envelopes for Chinese New Years lol

I told him I would get him a sandwich in hopes that a month later he would forget, that didn’t work out well.

I don’t know how kids do it but they remember everything!

Be mindful of what you promise or say to them because one day they will ask you about it. I forgot about the whole bacon, egg & cheese saga but my 5-year-old wasn’t forgetting that.

He loves those sandwiches, wants t to be like his older brother, and only forgets the instructions I give him on the daily. In short, he can’t remember shit that I tell him but can remember when his brother gets something he also wants. Damn kids.

Lesson 2: All Households Have Equal Rights

#FatherhoodIsLit Geno's Steaks

When one eats, we all eat

When you have kids, buying one of anything barely works.

If you buy one of your kids something, the other one will also want something, it never fails. Sometimes it’s not the same thing, but they ALWAYS want something.

All households must have equal rights when it comes to buying things for your kids. They will remind you that big bro or big sis got something and so should they. It gets worse when it’s an older child fighting for what the younger child got lol.

My oldest always tries to get what his younger brother gets and sometimes his requests are really crazy.

#FatherhoodIsLit Train Ride

Guess which one shouldn’t be on the train

They will make you feel like you’re breaking the law if you don’t hook everyone up. They will nag you and use lines like, “but he got it, I want it.” It gets annoying but they are right.

When you have multiple kids you learn that you can’t buy one of anything anymore.

If one gets something so should the other no matter how crazy the request. Didn’t or wouldn’t you want the same?


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