11 Apr

Daddy Said Knock You Out, Doing A Boxing Class With Your Kids

Do you think you need to have lighting fast hands like Floyd Mayweather to enjoy a boxing class?

We all would love to have his skills but that’s not always possible and you don’t need to have those skills to try out boxing.

We partnered with Crunch Gym and The NYC Dads Group to host a Father-Child boxing event to help out dads but also teach their kids about health.

Father Child Boxing #FatherhoodIsLit

It was a dope way to get our kids involved and also to teach us all how to use our boxing skills correctly!

It was definitely a Cool4Dads certified event, here’s why.

Using Your Kids As Motivation

Father Child Boxing #FatherhoodIsLit

For the past year, I have struggled to consistently hit the gym to lose the fat I have accumulated as a dad for the past 11 years. Yeah, the struggle is real!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be down with the dad bod movement anymore.

Drake said it best, “I don’t wanna die for them to miss me” and I take this even more seriously as I get older. I just don’t want to do cool things with them, I want to be around to see them grow and have their own families.

Health is important and it’s a must that we teach our kids all about it.

By partnering with Crunch Gym, we were able to do just that while also having fun doing so. There’s no greater motivation than our kids, make it happen.

Learning The Basics Together

Father Child Boxing #FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym

Coming from where I come from, being able to use your hands for protection is a must. My dad taught me how to use my hands early while growing up in the South Bronx.

He taught me how to defend myself but didn’t teach me the proper form to do so, that’s where Robert Phillips from Crunch Gym stepped in. We started out with a quick 15-minute warmup that got our blood and sweat flowing before jumping into the real boxing stuff.

Father Child Boxing #FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym

No one there was a pro at boxing so our trainer guided us on the proper form and stance. We learned how to throw jabs, hooks and how to counterpunch without losing our balance while defending ourselves.

We all messed up at times and that’s what really made it fun. No one was passing judgment and watching our kids learn while having fun was a huge blessing. Some might even knock your teeth out now so be careful lol.

Working Out Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Father Child Boxing #FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym

I’m the 1st to admit that working out used to be super boring to me. I would do the same old workout everytime I hit the gym. That killed my motivation big time.

Throwing punches for 20-30 mins can really work you out but our trainer wanted to do even more for us.

Robert taught us that boxing wasn’t just about throwing punches, it also tests your endurance. Well, this dad doesn’t have the endurance he once had and my son proved that to the whole class.

Dads were pitted against their kids as we ran suicides and worked on our footwork using speed ladders.

Father Child Boxing #FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym

Like most dads, I let my son think he was going to win the suicide portion but eventually outraced him. Now the speed ladders that’s a different topic. The kids killed it while us dads looked like we were one step from hitting the ground lol.

Father Child Boxing #FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym

We all laughed at our lack of footwork skills while also cheering each other on. The sweating was real but so was the fun.

Make It Happen Captain

Father Child Boxing #FatherhoodIsLit Crunch Gym

If your local gym is as cool as our Crunch Gym, ask them if they have a boxing class you can do with your kids.

If they don’t have one, offer to help them get one started or find a place that does offer it. It is a fun way to learn the basics of boxing while promoting a healthy lifestyle with your kids.

it wasn’t always easy, there were times when I had to take a break, but one thing for sure, it was FUN!

In fact, everyone had so much fun that they forgot that they were really working out, win-win for us all. Floyd Mayweather is lucky he retired because we are all ready for him now!

Hey, dads can dream can’t they?


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