Helping Dads Find Cool Activities And Events

They Can Love With Their Kids!

Why should the KIDS have ALL the fun? We are a group of active dads who like to have fun with their kids. Sometimes it’s as easy as going to the park but other times we want the thrill of climbing trees, or destroying each other at the closest Laser Park.

But How Do We Find These Activities??

That’s Where Our Community and Even YOU Come Into Play?

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The Hook Up

Damn that would be Cool4Dads to do with their kids!!!! This is where we share some of the activities or events we like to do with our kids.

The #FatherhoodIsLit #LEGOAndChill Project

#LEGOAndChill, celebrating #Dadlife together.

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That 1st haircut is what #dadlife is all about

Being there for your kids’ first haircut is so dope!

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Hey dad, they didn’t say thank you, what now?

Last week my son held the door open for a family and they didn’t say thank you.

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