30 Mar

No Health, No Dad: We Do It For Our Kids

Our health is one of those things, fathers don’t always talk about.

We know how important our health is, we hear the news, we read the studies but yet, some of us don’t emphasize it the way we should.

I am part of that group and had my 1st big health scare at the age of 42 to wake me up a bit.

No health No Dad

No Health, No Dad: We Do It For Our Kids podcast

It always takes that one big scare to get you to think about your health!
I wish I could lie to you and say that the moment I knew something was wrong, I did something about it.

That’s not what I did, instead, I continued to live life like nothing was wrong. I continued to live life like my health was perfect!

To be honest, I forgot how important it is for a dad to take care of their health. It’s not simply for them anymore! Our health now impacts our kids!
If we don’t take care of ourselves how can we take care of our kids?

We Do It For The Kids

No Health, No Dad: We Do It For Our Kids #fatherhoodislit

How can we do it for the kids if we aren’t around or healthy enough to go the extra mile for them?

You would think that’s enough motivation for us, but in reality, it’s not. We all get motivated differently and that’s ok! What does matter is that once we have that health scare, we do something about it!

Yeah I know, if we worried about our health before, maybe we wouldn’t have to wait for it later. Well, that’s not the way I work and I know tons of fathers who operate the same.

Many of us worry about our health when we know our health is taking a hit. Sad but true!

The Podcast

No Health, No Dad: We Do It For Our Kids

In the last episode dedicated to our kids, we talked about Selfish people versus Selfless people, and this week I needed a friend, someone outside of the family to talk to about my health scare.

I’ll talk more about that in a future episode, for this one I simply needed an outlet and my boy Mike Dorsey of Black Fathers Now came through for me.

We talked about health, why it matters, why we hide it from people especially our kids, and how to move forward once you know your health needs attention.

It was like a therapy session but with a friend that I would trust my life with. We all need good friends, we also all need good conversations around topics that help us become better FATHERS!

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