23 Mar

Kicks & Your Kids, The Sole Connection with Kian Miller

Kicks aka sneakers play a huge role in our culture!

It also plays a huge role in many of the families around the world, it definitely played a huge role in my upbringing.

Growing up, we didn’t have much but my dad being the sneakerhead he was, always kept me laced up in a dope pair of kicks.

Now with 3 kids myself, that same love of kicks can now be seen in my oldest as he hustles his way through the sneaker world with his business. You can learn more about his reselling ways HERE!

I love kicks because of how they make me feel, my son, on the other hand, loves kicks because of the money he makes. We approach kicks in two different ways but nonetheless bond over them like no other!

It’s a SOLE CONNECTION and one that I am extremely proud of!

Kicks, that Sole Connection

Kicks & Your Kids, The Sole Connection with Kian Miller
Photo by: @mr_miller1

My oldest and I bond over many things but one of my favorites is the bond we are creating with kicks.

As fathers, we have to meet our kids where they are! Meaning that we can’t force-feed lessons upon them, instead, we have to find ways to incorporate life with the things they need to learn.

For me, bonding over kicks with my son has allowed me to teach him about entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to supply and demand.

Now we wake up almost every day looking for new sneakers to add to his rotation. We joke about the styles, soak in the prices and so much more but the real win is the strengthening of our bond.

Kian Miller, kicks and family bonding

Kicks & Your Kids, The Sole Connection with Kian Miller #FatherhoodIsLit

Bonding over kicks can be as easy as cleaning your sneakers together on the weekend while listening to J Dilla!

There are tons of ways to bond over kicks and this week I wanted to chat with another father that loves sneakers and his family as much as I do! We both also include the whole family in the purchasing of kicks as well. IYKYK

So I asked my friend Kian Miller aka @Mr_Miller1 to come through and hook us up! Kian is the founder of #LRKicksonDeck and Miller’s Corner, so he knows what it takes to get your kids involved!

Kicks & Your Kids, The Sole Connection with Kian Miller #FatherhoodIsLit

I wanted to know how his love of sneakers has translated into hours of bonding with his kids. He came through and dropped gems on how his kids now ask him to take photos for IG to show off their kicks together. He tells us how he’s able to secure the hottest kicks coming out through his network of friends.

We also spent some time talking about used sneakers and how that helps him with full-size runs since sneakers have become a war zone with resellers and bots leading the fight. That part right there has to be frustrating as hell for anyone trying to secure a pair of dope kicks.

The podcast

Kicks & Your Kids, The Sole Connection with Kian Miller #FatherhoodIsLit

As a father, nothing makes me prouder than someone telling me, “your son is just like you!”

That line right there always puts a smile on my face and I know it does the same thing for YOU but that line comes with some work.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a FATHER’s presence to really have that impact.

That presence really makes its mark when its something cool 4 dads to do. In our case, nothing is cooler than having a dope pair of kicks and our kids around. Thank you to Mr. Miller for coming through and showcasing that once again.

For our kids, we FATHERS are even more special than the most limited pair of kicks out there. Do the things you LOVE with the people you love the most, YOUR KIDS!

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