02 Apr

Finally, here comes the school bus

Have you ever stood at a school bus stop not knowing when your kids will show up?

#FatherhoodIsLit School Bus

This has happened to me way too many times. Surely other parents have been soaked by rainstorms or felt like frostbite was settling in while waiting for a late school bus.

I can track my shipments or even delivery man, but why can’t I track my child’s school bus? Am I the only person suffering out here in NYC?

Well, things are changing in NYC. A law has been passed to equip every single school bus in NYC with GPS, read about it HERE! Which means we will soon finally have a way to track our buses.

I’m am so proud to partner with Here Comes The Bus and hope they become the standard for our bus system. Here are some of the reasons why YOU and I need Here Comes The Bus in our lives.

Where are my kids, where is this bus?

Here Comes The Bus #FatherhoodIsLit

If I lose my phone all I have to do is open an app and I can locate it. Why can’t I do this with kids? Why is it that when I call our school, our school can’t even tell us where our kids are?

With technology now, this shouldn’t even be a question! I should be able to know where my kids are every single moment of the day and I do! I track their phones 😂 , However; that’s not a viable fix.

Imagine opening an app and having all of that information at your fingertips. Even if they don’t send us a message saying they are late, seeing where they are in real time will ease my fears real quick.

Whoa, was there an accident?

#FatherhoodIsLit Here Comes The Bus

Calling your child’s school during school dismissal is something I don’t wish on any father! Especially if you have been waiting for the bus and its nowhere in sight!

Sometimes you start to question whether your child is safe? Was there an accident, did something bad happen?

Once you finally reach someone on the other line they tell you not to worry. The bus is on its way! How the hell do they know that? Is that one of those copy paste responses?

It’s hard to stay positive sometimes but I haven’t met a parent that hasn’t thought something bad happened when the bus isn’t there in a timely fashion.

I wasn’t late You Were

Late #FatherhoodIsLit

You ever run behind on your schedule and end up frantically running to the bus stop? This happens to me at least a few times a month.

Life comes at you pretty quickly, and by the time you look up, you’re late!
Or so you thought!

You end up waiting at the bus stop and questioning your abilities as a dad to find out the bus was actually late! It wasn’t your FAULT!!!!

Oh, that feeling is great, but only when you see the bus from a distance. Until then, you suck as a father! We all have dealt with it, soon it will be a thing of the past!

And we have apps like Here Comes The Bus to thank for it!

I have stories for days in regards to school buses, when’s the last time your bus was late? What did you do, how did you feel? Fill me in!


Disclosure: I received compensation from Here Comes the Bus for this post, but the pain over not being able to track my son’s school bus is super real. I need this in my life.

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