19 Apr

Hosting A Dad’s Lounge At A Mother’s Event Like MommyCon

“There’s no way I’m going to that, they have a room called vagina village”

That’s what one of my dad friends said when I invited him to a conference called MommyCon that was happening in NYC. I didn’t even argue with him because years ago that would have been my response.

FatherhoodIsLit x MommyCon

I was asked by my crew, The NYC Dads Group, if I could host a playdate/ meetup for dads there. If they would have asked me that 10 years ago, I would have said hell no.

Just like my friend I didn’t understand why dads needed representation at a mommy event. I actually used to see it as a little feminine.

Thank goodness I have grown so much since having a child and I couldn’t say no to this opportunity. So off we go, here’s why you should do the same.

Dads Show Up To Mommy Events Also

FatherhoodIsLit x MommyCon #dadlife

Has your wife or significant other ever beg you to go to an event full of women?

My wife always used to invite me and even though I didn’t want to go I always went. I would go because I was curious and always felt that the worst case scenario would be that I would spend time with my wife and kids. Plus I could complain like a madman if I didn’t have a good time.

However; every time I went with her to a mommy event, I was never the only guy there. I wasn’t the only one being “forced” to accompany their significant other. There are always more males that I thought would show up and there’s barely anything for us to partake in.

There’s never workshops or anything really dedicated to dads so having MommyCon offer a dad’s lounge was a huge deal. Now all of these dads could have something to do instead of wondering aimlessly following their boos.

It’s not a play date, it’s a dad’s lounge

FatherhoodIsLit x MommyCon

Yup, my son works events with me, great learning experience

I hate the term playdate and bet you many dads hate it also. Tell a man that you want to have a playdate with them and their kids and 90% of the time they will straight up laugh at you.

Playdate isn’t manly enough and I for one will never feel comfortable calling it that. When I want my kids to hang out with my friend’s kids, that’s exactly what its called. Hanging out, playdate sounds way to Fugazi.

We were men chilling, talking like men and sometimes only saying things we felt comfortable saying near other men. We didn’t host a PLAY DATE, we got a group of dads that never met each other before to come through and chill at a dad’s lounge.

Without a dad’s lounge, dads get lost in the crowd and chances are they might not ever show up to an event like this again unless they feel welcomed. Our dad’s lounge made them feel important because they were.

They were dads, and only dads can understand dads.

Saying Yes To MommyCon

#FatherhoodIsLit x MommyCon

When asked if I could host the dad’s lounge, I didn’t even think twice. It was a free chance for my wife to learn from other women and I knew she would get tons of free swag because she has that gift!

I immediately said yes and called The City Dads founder, Lance, to find out what the expectations were. I didn’t exactly know what I was getting into and didn’t want to embarrass the fellas at a huge event like MommyCon.

It doesn’t sound like much but I wanted the ladies of MommyCon to get jealous. I wanted them to say, “damn all those dads are having some fun, I want in.” I wanted dads to feel comfortable but I also wanted to show everyone in attendance that dads matter.

Lance told me, “just have fun,” that’s all I really needed to hear. There was no way I was passing up the chance to represent all the dope dads out there.

Dads Can Be Dads When There’s A Dad Group There

FatherhoodIsLit x MommyCon

I know, I know, you hate going to girly events with your significant other. I know this because I hate it sometimes myself.

With the help of the NYC Dads Group and MommyCon, dads were able to hang out together in a comfortable setting. Cool things happen when dads see another dad looking out for them.

I didn’t see one dad come into our dad’s lounge and just sit there doing nothing. Every single dad talked to each other and had fun being in there. I don’t think that would have happened without having a Dad’s Lounge there and some mothers even wanted in on the fun.

#FatherhoodIsLit x MommyCon


Some dads might not remember each other’s names but they will remember our get together. Dads need it even when they don’t know they do.

Make it happen. Thank you MommyCon for treating us like equals on your special day!


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