17 Apr

Earth Day At The Compound with BK The Artist #FatherhoodIsLit

Being a dad has its perks and this time we get to do a special behind the scenes art event with The Compound for #EarthDay Get your tickets HERE!

We all know how hard it is to get into a great art showcase, now actually attending one with your kids is even harder.

So the dope people over at Compound Cares is opening their gallery in the Bronx, just for US on Earth Day!

That’s right, not only do we get to visit this dope art gallery where you can bump into people like Mack Wilds, Carmelo Anthony or even legendary artists like Ron English or famed photographer Jonathan Mannion. I mean the list goes on for days.

But we get to do it with our kids while learning from BK The Artist about his E.A.R.T.H (Everything Always Returns To Her) series.

His latest work is being showcased at the gallery and along with our kids, we get to ask all the questions we want! We get to find out what inspires him to create his work and why he became an artist without having to deal with an overcapacity location.

Did I mention it’s just us, BK The Artist and the dope people of The Compound?

Moments like these don’t happen all the time, come learn about ART and create dope memories with your kids. We got a few surprises up our sleeves

The Compound had this to say about BK The Artist and we can’t wait to be there to experience it ourselves!

“BK The Artist has perfected his signature technique of interlacing multiple images, hidden elements, and socially conscious messages in each one of his works, including selected pieces from different collections.”

** Some images might not be suitable for children under 10 years of age. It’s your call, my 6 year old is coming **

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