10 Jun

Therapy Sessions Through Fatherhood Events

“This is like therapy!”

This weekend we hosted our 5th #ArtOfFatherhood event with the dads at Comic Book Jones. It was a #Cool4Dads Certified Event

Therapy with dads

As I walked around looking at everyone paint their X-Men Dark Phoenix 3D figures, I heard a dad say that statement.

xmen therapy

I have heard dads say that before but this time it felt different. Immediately after he said that I heard another dad say the same thing behind me.

As we drove home from the event I looked at my wife and started to really look into the therapy line. These events are therapy sessions, not just for the dads but for everyone there.

Therapy session for dads

#ArtOfFatherhood therapy 1

I joke around that most of the times dads come to our art event, they work hard to outshine their kids.

As the kids are laying down their paint with no remorse, the dads are more focused on the details. They take their time, pick their colors wisely, and blackout for minutes.

#ArtOfFatherhood therapy 2

They get into a zone, every now and then they will look over at their kids and help. But for the most part, this is their time to relax and actually, enjoy themselves.

They get to do it with other dads and have conversations with people that actually get them. It’s a therapy session their way, with the people they love the most.

My own therapy session.

#ArtOfFatherhood therapy mike

These sessions don’t just feel like therapy for the group of dads we host, I can feel it also. It’s relaxing. 

I don’t get to sit with my kids to do the activities as much as everyone else, but we still have fun together. I love hosting these events and my kids help me run them. It’s my thing and I get to include them.

#ArtOfFatherhood therapy 3

Also, seeing the smiles on both the kids and dads during our events brings me peacefulness. All the worries of the outside world are gone.

It’s a group of dads, kids, and a dope activity. It’s my way of escaping the world, reflecting on life and even creating new memories with my kids.

Therapy, a blessing or a curse?

#ArtOfFatherhood therapy lyle

Let’s be real, the word THERAPY is a scary one some times, especially for dads full of confidence. It took me a while to realize that therapy especially mental therapy was a blessing, not a curse.

#RealDads will do anything and everything to keep their family going forward and will forget all about themselves. All to fulfill the expectations of a FATHER.

That type of pressure sucks and events like these that provide a therapy session for them will always win. This is their place to unwind, feel safe and best of all spend quality time with their kids. 

It can never take the place of therapy with a professional but its a great thing regardless. Let the sessions continue!

Thank you Assembyl 3D Printing, Comic Book Jones and all the dope dads out there.     

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