23 May

Paying it forward with CC Sabathia and The Pitcch Organization

I didn’t have a 1st Yankee game with my dad but we always payed it forward.

We would watch baseball all the time together and would root for our Yankees. We even lived a few blocks away.

My friends and I would take short 10 minute walks to the Old Yankee Stadium all summer. We would sit at the back entrance and ask all the baseball stars to autograph our cards.

7 out of 11 dads

The Yankees were a big part of my life but for some reason, my dad and I never went to a live game together. I’ll probably never know why but I do know my kids won’t have to ask why.

We check that off already and helped a few other dads do the same. It was definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event.

C.C Sabathia’s Celebrity Charity Softball Game

A few months ago I saw a post by CC Sabathia on Instagram talking about his annual CC Sabathia & Friends Celebrity Charity Softball Game.

Immediately, I knew I had to do something with his PitCCh In Foundation.

Usually, I partner with brands like the Yankees to create an event but time wasn’t on my side.

Instead, I reached out and ask them if we could work something out. It worked and off we went with 11 dads and their families to Yankee Stadium. The place was packed and you felt positive energy the minute you walked in.

This was going to be a special night for more reasons than we knew.

Paying it forward while having fun

For some dads, this was their first game with their kids. For others, it was the 1st time experiencing a charity event like this.

The best part was knowing that the theme of Paying It Foward was tied into these first-time memories.

No matter how old they get, dads will forever tell that story and kids will never forget both aspects of our night together.

They will be able to talk about the random celebrities they stumbled upon. Some will simply look at their pictures and smile about their time together. But dads will also be able to remind their kids that it was all for a GOOD CAUSE.

That night wasn’t about how great Tracy McGrady could play softball. Or how Desus And Mero were representing the home town borough like bosses. What’s up fellas.

It was about helping others! That lesson won’t fade.

Good things happen when you pay it forward

At 1st, knowing that we got a few dads a cool experience was enough.
But as I started to think about the event and why it was taking place…

I started to think of ways that we have given back and how my kids don’t even know they did it most of the time.

Hosting events like this where dads can live it up with their kids, is giving back. We provide dope experiences for great dads and give them something to always remember. We also have fun while doing it.

My kids see it as fun, I see it as fun, but in reality, we are just doing our job to make the world a better place. We also get to meet some cool people.

Paying it forward is and can be fun, never forget it. Thank you C.C. Sabathia and the Pitcch In Foundation for helping us make dope memories with our kids.

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