16 Sep

Bossing Up With Maddie Rae & Gary Vaynerchuk

Bossing up is a must for all generations.

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11 Sep

04 Sep

Dads Need & Should Take Paternity Leave ?

Should dads take paternity leave if they have the option to do so?

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29 Aug

A night out with George Lopez

Need a date night? Goerge Lopez has your back!

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28 Aug

Can video games F**K your kids up w/ HipHopGamer

Will video games f**k your kids up?

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18 Aug

Slime Bash With Maddie Rae & Gary Vaynerchuk

What do you do when you want to learn about business? You go follow Gary Vaynerchuk!

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14 Aug

The push for Changing Stations with Donte Palmer

We sat down with Donte Palmer to talk changing stations and why dads need #SquatForChange.

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07 Aug

Our kids play sports for different reasons

Kids play sports for different reasons and sometimes those reasons might not align with dad.

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31 Jul

Becoming A Superhero Dad with Jason Mayden

Episode 8 of the #FatherhoodIsLit Podcast is all about being a superhero.

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