17 Apr

Earth Day At The Compound with BK The Artist #FatherhoodIsLit

Being a dad has its perks and this time we get to do a special behind the scenes art event with The Compound for #EarthDay Get your tickets HERE!

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08 Apr

#FatherhoodIsLit At Jurassic World Live Tour

Just when you thought Dinosaurs were extinct, Feld Entertainment brings them back to life in an arena-style setting to cause havoc with Jurassic World Live Tour.

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02 Apr

Finally, here comes the school bus

Have you ever stood at a school bus stop not knowing when your kids will show up?

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31 Mar

Random walks, bring on the best talks with kids

Sometimes simple walks with your kids can give you more insight into their lives than simply asking them about it.

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20 Mar

Getting Old Doesn’t Mean You’re Dead Dad

Dad, you are about to be 40, you’re getting old!

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14 Mar

Pip’s Island, A Real Interactive Adventure Dads Can Enjoy

Most times when you hear the word Interactive and Adventure together, you don’t really believe it.

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05 Mar

Winning After A Conference Like #Dad2Summit

Going to a fatherhood conference like #dad2summit is dope but it can also set you back!

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25 Feb

Dads need and deserve paid paternity leave #PaternityLeavePledge

Without paternity leave, dads and their kids suffer!

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13 Feb

Choosing your kids is never the wrong decision

We had a decision to make the other night that tested all of us.

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07 Feb

Learning How To Write Graffiti With Dad

Graffiti is an art form that I love but I always knew better than to tag a wall.

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