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Fatherhood reminders from Space Jam A New Legacy

Our kids are our legacy, it’s easy to forget that.

It’s been a minute since we have been able to catch a flick in a movie theater again and this time around, the NYC Dads Group got the fellas together for a special screening of Space Jam. To join us for the next excursion, join a City Dads Group near you HERE!

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

As soon as we got to the theater, talks about who is the better player, Jordan or Lebron could be heard.

It was non stop and to be honest, it was pretty dope witnessing all the people immersed in a conversation that there isn’t a clear winner.

What was clear was the reminders of how dope fatherhood and even parenting could be. Space Jam 2 is a family movie and the premise of family was on full display all movie long.

Here are some of the reminders that really stuck out.

Push push push, what about love?

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One thing that really hit me hard was the thought that sometimes we have to take a step back and stop pushing our kids to do everything like us.

We all say we want our kids to do better than us and sometimes doing better is doing things differently than we would.

Most would say if I were Lebron, you better believe that my kids are playing ball! However; is that your dream or theirs?

During the movie, Lebron’s son told him, “you are making me hate the game of basketball!” Next time you push your kids to do what YOU want, remember, it’s their life to live.

Do they need our push? Of course they do, but what they really need is our love more than anything else. Don’t let YOUR wants overshadow the love you have for your kids.

They are their own legacy

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One thing many of us fathers forget at times is that our kids can’t be like us. Not because they aren’t built like us, not because we won’t guide them to be better, but because they are not US!

Who we are, the way we were raised, our experiences, made us. Those same things might not apply to your kids.

I would love for my son to love technology and business as much as I do but I also know we are different. He even told me he was “built different, ” and he meant it. We spoke about it on the #FatherhoodIsLit podcast HERE!

Sometimes as dads, we want our kids to continue our legacy or even follow the same paths that we took but they are their own people.

Does that mean our experiences, values, and even wants can’t apply to them or be as beneficial? No, all of that matters.

Those things that helped build us can also serve to guide them but we must always remember it’s their life to live, not ours. They are their legacy, enjoy the ride pops, and be there when they need you.

Outside the box thinking works

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Throughout the movie, Lebron pushed for everything to go the way he envisioned it.

He knew his abilities and also knew that without hard work nothing gets done. However; once he was in the server-verse, the rules changed.

What he thought worked before, didn’t necessarily work where he was at. Just like parenting, Lebron had to change how he normally does things to have a chance at success.

That’s a huge valuable lesson not just for parents but for kids as well. What worked yesterday might not work today! Will you keep pushing what doesn’t work or think outside the box?

Parenting is about doing anything you can to help your kids grow, there’s no blueprint or rules to follow. Switch up your style if you have to, there’s nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box!

Space Jam: A New Legacy

I didn’t know what to expect from Space Jam but I loved it! I’ll be the 1st to admit that I’m biased! To me, Jordan is the goat so everything he does is superior to Lebron. I know I know some of you disagree and that’s ok.

Overall, I’m glad I was able to take my kids to watch Space Jam 2. Lebron is their goat and on this side, anything that can spread a positive message among the youth is a win for me.

Space Jam was packed with lessons for all members of the family and it kept the older generation smiling by acknowledging the past as much as possible. They even mentioned Lebron’s Taco Tuesday stuff which shows the movie was in tune with the current culture.

Is Lebron a better actor than Jordan? Who cares!

What does matter is the overall theme of letting your kids do THEM! Our legacies were cemented once we had children and decided to give them the world, now it’s their TURN!

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