10 Oct

I’m about that life, their life and I will protect them

Just like most #RealDads I will do anything and everything to protect my kids.

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03 Oct

Doing a free music festival like #GlobalCitizen with your kids.

This past weekend we attended our first music festival together and it will be something we never forget! Thank you Global Citizen Festival for the memories.

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01 Oct

The Art Of Fatherhood, Painting with Dad Round 2

Art doesn’t just help your kids express themselves, doing it together with them creates dope memories!

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21 Aug

That 1st haircut is what #dadlife is all about

Being there for your kids’ first haircut is so dope!

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15 Aug

Hey dad, they didn’t say thank you, what now?

Last week my son held the door open for a family and they didn’t say thank you.

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08 Aug

The hype is real, kids love mystery packs

Mystery packs have become the newest way for toy companies to cash in on our children’s imagination.

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01 Aug

#FatherhoodIsLit at #SweetSuite18 They know play

When I 1st heard of #SweetSuite18 I knew I had to get my kids there!

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25 Jul

How to introduce your kids to a new sport without being that dad

Getting your kids to try new sports can be tricky, especially in the digital age THEY live in. How do you introduce them to something new?

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24 Jul

Come have fun with us at Maker Faire 2018

Maker Faire is coming back to NYC and you know the #FatherhoodIsLit community will be there!

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