30 Jan

Dad’s POV: Building A Play Dresser From Scratch With My Daughter

Building something from scratch can be hard but the memories of doing it together are worth it!

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15 Jan

Learning About Breaking And Other Hip Hop Elements With Kids

Breaking is one of the elements of Hip Hop that this dad cannot do!!

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07 Jan

Doing a Video Game Tournament with your Kids. #FatherhoodIsLit

Growing up, having an Atari was a big deal, now video games have morphed into something even bigger with Video Game Tournaments.

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18 Dec

Making Beats With Dad

The best gift a dad can give is his time and what better way to spend time together than with music?

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17 Dec

#LegoAndChill Christmas Edition #FatherhoodIsLit

The best gift a dad can give is his time!!!

And what better way to do it than building a LEGO mini-kit together for Christmas!

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03 Dec

Living the life at #DoubleDareLive with your kids.

Growing up, I would sit in front of my tv dreaming that I could be on the show #DoubleDareLive!

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13 Nov

Dads love to be part of the moment not just capture it

I am that dad that likes to be part of the MOMENT, not just capture it!

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12 Nov

The #ArtOfFatherhood, Painting with Dad #FortNite

Art doesn’t just help your kids express themselves, doing it together with them creates dope memories!

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07 Nov

Less broken promises, more dope memories

It’s really easy to break promises when a kid is involved! It happens to the best dads out there and it almost happened to me AGAIN! Hey, I’m not perfect but I’m real!

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