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Rewarding your kids for doing right

How do you teach your children to defend themselves, is it even needed?

Do you reward your kids for doing the right thing?

We parents, especially dads, are great at acknowledging when our kids do the wrong thing.

We raise our voices, sometimes throw a few choice words around, and try our best to let our kids know that we aren’t happy!

However; many of us don’t keep that same energy when they do right! We don’t acknowledge the good stuff as much as we acknowledge the bad.

Celebrating the good stuff

Celebrating all the good stuff they do is impossible.

I still haven’t found the right balance, none of us can be perfect at it, but I’m trying.

Growing up my pops would bless me with things I really wanted as long as I did well in school. My mother used to hate it but my dad saw it as a way to motivate me.

He was right and I believe that it can work for all of us to a certain degree and there are many ways to do so. We all do it differently.

On our side, we definitely reward our kids for doing good in school. We are laid-back parents and having that little extra help in the form of a reward helps. It also feels good knowing that they know they are striving for more. 

Can parents be judged for rewarding their kids?

rewarding your kids for doing good

Like anything else we do as fathers, people will always judge our actions.

Whether you’re doing the right thing or even the wrong thing when it comes to parenting, someone always has something to say.

In this case, who cares?

Raising a child takes a village, but the foundation comes from the parents. In this case, rewarding your kids isn’t something someone should judge you for.

You know your kids, you know your parenting style, you have to live with the consequences. No one else does so if you choose to hook your kids up as a way to reinforce something, do it!

Parents can only get judged for not parenting!

The Podcast

rewarding your kids for doing good #FatherhoodisLit

I started to think about how we reward our kids for doing good a few weeks ago after school was let out in NYC!

My oldest has been begging for a gaming machine. I love computers and promised him that we could build one as long as he kept his grades above 90. He completed 9th grade with a 98 average in the tops honors program at his school. 

How can I not reward that?

We didn’t get to build the pc due to lack of hardware but little man did get that gaming machine he wanted. Not only did he want it, but he also deserved it and dads should never break a promise.

That day, my son couldn’t hold back his happiness, I thought he was going to cry but he’s tougher than dad I guess! He worked hard all year to maintain his grades and man was he proud to tell me all about it.

The honest truth is, I was proud as f**k of his grades but what made me even prouder was watching him pick out a computer and even paying for his own computer screen. We talked about him reselling goods to make money on episode 51 of the podcast, now he got to use some of his hard-earned cash to get a monitor. Talk about accomplishments. Got two for the price of one that day as a dad, winning. 

We rewarded him for doing good and have no shame in doing so. Tune in to hear why you shouldn’t either.

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