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Overcoming Clubfoot and more with Christian Penn

Clubfoot along with other birth issues can scare a parent big time!

I should know! 

I was born with a heart defect called a heart murmur and my oldest suffered from febrile seizures. 

Just like my parents were worried so was I even though doctors told both my parents and myself that everything would be fine. 

As a father, hearing the words everything will be ok, isn’t ever enough. We get worried when it comes to our kids and rightfully so!

So what should a father do when their perfect child has something that isn’t so perfect happening to them?

Real fathers pull through, Clubfoot or not

Clubfoot cant stop a real father like Chris #FatherhoodIsLit

That’s right, real fathers pull through, no matter the situation. 

To be honest, that’s all we can do. Dads like us have no choice but to pull through for our kids and even ourselves. When it comes to our kids, we will do anything and everything to make sure they are good. That’s part of our DNA, our kids always come first!

It’s what we do, we put everything to the side and do our best to take care of our kids and this week I wanted to know how another father dealt with a birth issue called Clubfoot. 

Just life febrile seizures are rare so is Clubfoot which means information about it is not heavily circulated but needed. That’s why a community of fathers is needed, so we can share our perspectives OUR WAY!

Overcoming Clubfoot and more with Christian Penn

christian penn clubfoot #FatherhoodIsLit
Max is ready to get his Wutang On!!! #FatherhoodisLit

Before his son was born, Christian Penn never heard of ClubFoot, but that didn’t stop him from doing what he has to for his son. 

Christian is one of those dads that bends over backwards helping others especially the youth. I met him through his nonprofit Projectivity and have partnered with his organization on beat making with dads, learning graffiti with dad and so much more

He is all about paying it forward and has seen it all when it comes to the youth. That experience helped him big time when his son was born and now had to take on clubfoot with him. 

I asked him what’s the most important thing a father should do when presented with the unexpected, he said “have faith!”

Faith is one of those things we don’t really focus on but helps us get through everyday life. 

The podcast 

Surviving boring events

Chris didn’t just have faith, he took it a step further and said, “James you have to remember that other people are dealing with much more!” That line right there really set the stage for a dope conversation! 

We talked about assuming the worst, remembering that others are dealing with more, and how doing your research really helps more than simply worrying about things.  

It wasn’t just about Clubfoot, with Chris’ help and thoughts, it’s a reminder that no matter what our kids face, we the fathers will always do what we can to make sure they are GOOD!

Boots & Barnyard Boogie a dope book about Clubfoot #FatherhoodIsLit

Sometimes all we need is to hear how another dad handled his business when he wasn’t sure how he would do it and Christian Penn served us with one of the realest conversations we have had! 

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