19 Apr

Hosting A Dad’s Lounge At A Mother’s Event Like MommyCon

“There’s no way I’m going to that, they have a room called vagina village”

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11 Apr

Daddy Said Knock You Out, Doing A Boxing Class With Your Kids

Do you think you need to have lighting fast hands like Floyd Mayweather to enjoy a boxing class?

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26 Mar

Family Over Everything, Sherlock Gnomes Reinforced It

The term family over everything means the world to me and I hope my kids learn to feel the same way.

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21 Mar

12 Mar

Doing A Model Train Show With Kids #FatherhoodIsLit

If your kids are fascinated by trains like my sons, take them to a model train show asap!

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28 Feb

Build, Create, and Learn at #LegoLiveNYC Because #FatherhoodIsLit

#LegoLiveNYC took place at Pier 36 in NYC, during presidents week and it was off the hook! 

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15 Feb

A Night With @WaterWipesUSA & The @NYCDadsGroup

I usually don’t go out much but when the NYC Dads Group invited me to an event with Water Wipes, I couldn’t say no!

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09 Feb

Dad 2.0 Summit Isn’t Your Regular Gathering Of Dads, It’s An Experience!

After folding my previous company, I had a huge distaste for conferences and any type of experience that had to do with large groups of strangers!

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07 Feb

Sleep, What Is That? I Have Kids

Before having kids, sleep was never an issue!

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25 Jan

Make Dope Memories While Learning How To DJ With Your Kids

We all play the part of being a DJ sometimes, especially during car rides, but what if you really had the chance to learn the basics of Deejaying?

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