11 Jan

Reflections Of A Dad: The Father/Son Haircut By Joshua Storey

In July of 2016, I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

One thing that I’ve always said to myself is that if I ever had a boy, I would love to be able to cut his hair. Not just any haircut either, I want to give him a quality professional level cut.

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08 Jan

My Kids Are My Every Day Resolutions

I hate seeing “new year, new me” plastered around the internet because I feel every day is a new day for someone to boss up and become better.

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20 Dec

Keep The Christmas Tradition Going With A Christmas Show

Growing up in NYC, nothing embodied the Christmas spirit as much as the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and The Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

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13 Dec

Real Talk Dealing With Bullying, A Real Dad’s POV

I hate bullies with a passion and like most dads, one of my biggest fears is finding out my kids are being bullied.

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06 Dec

Hosting A Surprise Birthday Party For Your Kids

Almost everyone, especially kids love a good surprise!

My wife and I decided that this year we would host a surprise birthday party for my 5-year-old son.

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29 Nov

The Power Of A Community Event #FatherhoodIsLit

There’s always something to do with your kids when you live in a big city like NYC.

It’s very easy to find something and most of the times you end up doing things with strangers. However; there’s nothing like seeing people you know at a local community event!

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15 Nov

Surviving Parent Teacher Conferences Like A #RealDad

Open school night can be one the scariest nights as a parent!

Will your kids embarrass you with their behavior, will you be stuck there all night? Or will they surprise you and be the best kid you could ever expect?

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10 Nov

We Are Headed To Musication 5, Here’s Why

Music and Art gives kids an outlet to express themselves while encouraging creativity and unity!

However; our leaders our constantly cutting the funds needed to run programs like these at schools nationwide.

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08 Nov

#FatherhoodIsLit at #PlayFairNY It Really Is

#PlayFairNY is not your typical toy fair, it’s a kid’s and dad’s dream!

When I 1st heard about #PlayFairNY I immediately thought it was one of these industry events where they make you feel bad for not buying all of their products.

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01 Nov

I’m Not A Huge Fan Of Halloween, But My Kids Wont Know

Let’s keep it real, Halloween isn’t for everybody! Halloween and I have a deep Love/Hate relationship.

I grew up quick as a youngster due to my environment and don’t really remember the last time I put on a costume as a kid.

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