24 Jun

The Sex Talk with Paul C. Brunson

How did you learn about sex or better yet, how are you having the SEX TALK with your kids?

Most of the stuff I learned, I got from hanging out with my friends in school or on the playground. My dad’s attempt was to put on a porn and tell me to watch it.

I was uncomfortable that day but thinking about it now, I’m sure he was too. It’s not easy and it’s crazy to me how many parents opt out of having the sex talk with their kids.

Our kids are getting that TALK from their schools, friends, and even other family members. They aren’t waiting for the Sex Talk to happen and chances are they know more than we think.

Actually, I’m sure they do!

So maybe our job isn’t to just have the talk but also help them clear up whatever nonsense they might have heard outside of our homes.

Whoa, it just got harder.

Fatherhood Is Lit sex talk

So I asked my homie Paul Brunson for some advice and he hooked us up for our latest PODCAST.

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More about Paul Brunson:

Paul is more than a matchmaker, friend of Oprah or even right-hand man to a few billionaires. He is a father and one that prides himself on setting a solid foundation for his kids.

He shows the world that FATHERHOOD IS LIT and helps a ton of people while doing so like a real G!

Website: PaulCBrunson.com
Twitter, IG: @PaulCBrunson
Facebook: @PaulCBrunson

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