27 Sep

#FatherhoodIsLit At The World Maker Faire

You can never stop learning when you are having fun!

This is something I learned in college and it was reinforced at The New York Hall Of Science for the 8th World Maker Faire. This is definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event!

For 2 whole days, I was able to watch my kids play and learn while I had my own fun, making this event one of the best events that I ever been to!

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21 Sep

Giveaway #FatherhoodIsLit Sends You To The Maker Faire

Growing up I was the type of kid that liked to break things and then fix them. My dad wasn’t a fan of some of the things I did, but he also encouraged me to be creative!

Now it’s my kids doing the same thing, they are Makers and so am I! That’s why you can always catch us doing something both cool and hands-on as a family.

This week we are taking our talents to the New York Hall Of Science for the famous, World Maker Faire! It’s their 8th year doing it, so you know it’s good!

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20 Sep

A Day At The MTA Roadeo Competition

Last year my mother in law invited my family and me to an event called “Roadeo” held by the MTA of NYC.

I don’t work for the MTA or care for the delays their services gives us at times so waking up early for an event like this was a no go at first. I had no expectations for this and I learned I was wrong when we arrived late afternoon last year missing almost all of it.

My kids were upset and so was I, I vowed to make it early this year and we did just that on Saturday, Sept 16th!

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13 Sep

Celebrating #GrandParentsDay With Dove Men+ Care

Without my dad, I wouldn’t be the man that I am today!

Nothing and I mean nothing can compare to a dad’s love and I was honored this #GrandParentsDay to partner with Dove Men+ Care to celebrate him!!!

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06 Sep

What I Learned Hosting A Dad Event With Home Depot

One of my favorite monthly activities is attending Home Depot’s Free Kids Workshops with my family! So I partnered with Home Depot for their September build to host our own #FatherhoodIsLit table for dads.

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30 Aug

#FatherhoodIsLit Partners With Home Depot For A Special Workshop

I’m a huge fan of spending quality time with my kids and have been able to do over 20 free workshops at Home Depot with them!

But this month is even more special because #FatherhoodIsLit has been able to partner with Home Depot in Staten Island NY to host a special Father/Child Build!

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16 Aug

Classic Movies To Watch With Your Kids #FatherhoodIsLit

People who LIKE movies have a favorite. People who LOVE movies couldn’t possibly choose.
Nicole Yatsonsky

I’m with Nicole on that one!

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09 Aug

How To Have Fun With Your Kids While Injured

I injured my leg…

I didn’t do it crossing anyone over or dunking like Lebron, I can’t jump anyway.

I took a bad step while running up the court and boom, I was down for two weeks with a severe case of plantar fasciitis. It basically felt like I was constantly stepping on a lego but multiply the pain by 100.

The pain sucked but the thought of not being able to do things with my kids sucked even more.

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02 Aug

Reflections Of A Dad: Fatherhood Is A Privilege

Fatherhood is a Privilege

I put my daughter to bed 5 nights out of the week.

I turn off the overhead light, turn on the lamp, put her now 19 month old self in her crib, go and microwave her almond milk with a pinch of turmeric, give her her three kisses, and grab my tote bag and head home. Those 15–20 minutes are some of the best minutes I get throughout my day.

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26 Jul

Turning Your Kids Ideas In To Movies With A Free Apple Camp

Did you know Apple offers a free camp for kids???

I didn’t either until a friend posted a picture about it on IG.

I decided to register my son for all 3 summer camps they were offering and loved it!

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