15 Nov

Surviving Parent Teacher Conferences Like A #RealDad

Open school night can be one the scariest nights as a parent!

Will your kids embarrass you with their behavior, will you be stuck there all night? Or will they surprise you and be the best kid you could ever expect?

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10 Nov

We Are Headed To Musication 5, Here’s Why

Music and Art gives kids an outlet to express themselves while encouraging creativity and unity!

However; our leaders our constantly cutting the funds needed to run programs like these at schools nationwide.

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08 Nov

#FatherhoodIsLit at #PlayFairNY It Really Is

#PlayFairNY is not your typical toy fair, it’s a kid’s and dad’s dream!

When I 1st heard about #PlayFairNY I immediately thought it was one of these industry events where they make you feel bad for not buying all of their products.

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01 Nov

I’m Not A Huge Fan Of Halloween, But My Kids Wont Know

Let’s keep it real, Halloween isn’t for everybody! Halloween and I have a deep Love/Hate relationship.

I grew up quick as a youngster due to my environment and don’t really remember the last time I put on a costume as a kid.

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30 Oct

What A Witch, Lego Dropped The Ball

Did you know depending on the month, Lego hosts a special one hour themed build in addition to their monthly free mini build?

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25 Oct

Guest Post: Please, Don’t Call Her My “Baby Mama” By Joel Leon

I hate the term “Baby Mama,” wholeheartedly. I’ll confess: prior to having a child, it was a term I would use with little thought as to what it might convey or mean;

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23 Oct

Fire Safety Day With #FatherhoodIsLit At Home Depot

On October 7th, members of the #FatherhoodIsLit community came together in partnership with Home Depot to celebrate Fire Safety Month! You know this was a Cool4Dads Certified Event!!!

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18 Oct

#FatherhoodIsLit At The Free Lego Americana Roadshow

This month while at the Lego store we were told about a traveling exhibit put on by Lego called the Lego American Roadshow! This is definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event!

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16 Oct

Building A Robot With Your Kids, Lego Mini Build Recap

This month we built a cool Robot, kit #40248 that was definitely Cool4Dads Certified!

If your kids are into robots or just want a cool lego to build, this one is a dope addition to the collection! You can read more about their builds here!

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11 Oct

Camping For Dads That Don’t Always Camp #FatherhoodIsLit

If you knew me before I had kids, then you would never think I would have fun camping.

I don’t like going a night without a shower, I hate getting dirty, and I hate bugs with a passion!!!

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