03 Jul

Raising Superstars With Shannon McCollum

We all want our kids to be superstars, but how do we actually get them there?

Do we pay for them to have an edge like those crazy people did with their kids’ college education?

Do you slide someone in power some cash when no one is looking?

What does it take to raise a superstar and do you have to be one yourself tor raise one?

These are questions that we all want answered and luckily I found a dad who has a son for a superstar. His name is Shannon McCollum and he is the father of Lil Yachty!

He came through and dropped gems on what it takes to raise superstar kids and it starts with having a solid family foundation.

He filled us in on how he raised all 3 of his kids to become superstar adults and how he made sure to never kill any of their dreams. Instead, he showed them ways to achieve them like a real dad is supposed to.

superstars fatherhood is lit

If you want to learn how to raise a superstar, (hint: all kids are superstars) then listen in. We are available on all major platforms like Apple and Spotify!

He killllllled it!!!!

For more on Shannon McCollum check out his Instagram account @shannonmccullom HERE!

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