26 Apr

3 Reasons Why You Should Join A Dads Group

Fatherhood just like entrepreneurship, can be hard and pretty lonely even when you have people around you.

When I started feeling lost and by myself as an entrepreneur, I joined a master mind group and it changed my life.

Knowing that I had a group of people who cared about what I was going through and could provide support was huge!

Fatherhood is even harder, so what is a dad to do?

We dads are some prideful characters! Tell me I’m lying!

Many of us don’t like to ask for help at all, but we all need that outlet to escape or even ask questions. That’s why I joined a couple of dad groups and you should too!

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19 Apr

The Right Way To Do Great Adventure With Your Kids

I am always up for an adventure with my kids so for the past few years we have been investing more of our time in Great Adventure. I used to love going there as a teenager with my friends and now I get to the same with my kids.

However; as much fun as we have, there is nothing I hate more than standing on long lines especially in the heat!!!

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13 Apr

Attending A Free Mini Build Event At The Lego Store

Once you learn how to survive a Lego building session, it becomes fun for both the kids and the dads.

It’s a great way to spend time together and to build creativity without forcing it.

But they do get expensive!

Luckily for us the Lego Store actually hosts a dope mini build session every month for FREE! It is definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event

Price: Free
Dress Code: Come As You Please
Time Needed: 20 minutes
Age Range: 6+
Fun Factor: Could Be Better, Good Time Filler
Registration Needed: Yup, but they are in store registration so head on over!

Yup Free 99 just how we like it! Here are a few things you need to know before heading out though!

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05 Apr

Reflecting On Fatherhood With “The World Is Yours” The Poem

I Love Books And How They Take You To Another World!!!!

That same love of books hasn’t transferred over to my sons yet but I’m hoping I can change that! To do so I started encouraging less Ipad time and more reading time TOGETHER.

I was searching for a book that combined some of the love I have for self help and business books but was geared towards kids. Something that had a dope message for my 10 year old but could also keep my 4 year old entertained.

Luckily I didn’t have to look far! My friend Dj BenHaMeen had just published a kid’s book called “The World Is Yours” which is actually a poem! A Dope One!

Just opening the book made me proud! I was reading something that had my cultural background in mind and led us to some cool conversations around some of the quotes below.

Get your own copy here!

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29 Mar

Bucket List: Bringing Fatherhood Courtside With March Madness

Usually when someone mentions a bucket list we all start to think of things we want to do but might never ever get the chance to do so!

We pick things that are possible, but for some reason we never prioritize them. Most people even wait until they are retired and are barely moving to start checking off these items.

But sometimes serendipity leads to us fulfilling a bucket list item without us even planning for it. That exact thing happened to me this week!

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22 Mar

Your Kid Took An L Now What Dad?

Chances are you took many losses while becoming the man that you are today, but watching your kids catch an L isn’t always the easiest!

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15 Mar

Surviving A Book Fair As A Dad And Volunteer

As a huge fan of books and reading, a good book fair get me hyped! I always looked forward to all the new books, talks and especially the giveaways!

Before having kids all my free time was devoted to reading books, heck I even started my career in technology at the top book publishing company Random House due to my love of books.

So when I was asked to volunteer for my sons’ book fair, there was no way I was saying no to it. I was going to be lugging around my 6 month old with me but since I never did it before I was excited about it! So I agreed to work the event for two hours with my sidekick alongside.

Besides setting my own time limit of being there I learned a few other things along the way that I hope can help you as a volunteer and/or parent!

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08 Mar

Exactly What Your Kids Need To Know About Paying It Forward!

My dad was a huge believer of Paying It Forward before it became a fad! He didn’t call it that though, he just considered it as him being a GREAT person!

Growing up, people would always tell me how dope my dad was. They always told me that I was lucky to have a father like him but I didn’t get it until I was in my 20’s.

I watched him navigate the block with ease being able to speak to the drug dealers and to the people “making it” outside of the hood. He was able to get along with everyone because of his actions and treatment of others. He never passed judgment on anyone and helped anyone that asked, that’s exactly the type of people I want my kids to be!

But it doesn’t just happen, so here are a few things I try to teach them about Paying It Forward like a boss supposed to! Remember it’s up to us!

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01 Mar

You Don’t Have To Spend Big To Do It Big In Vegas With Your Kids

I have been fighting a trip to Las Vegas since my college days. I can play a great game of cee-lo, poker or black jack, but gambling outside of the stock market never interested me. Neither did the night life.

I always thought Vegas was a place to gamble and the way I respect my cash, I never saw it as anything else.

Now as an adult with a family I finally took the trip and I learned that I WAS WRONG!

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22 Feb

4 Things Your Kids Need To Know About Teamwork

I took my son to a day of intensive basketball training with A&B basketball. Before our workouts they play a game called break the chain in order to warm up, encourage teamwork and wake the kids up.

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