17 Oct

How To Survive Coaching Youth Basketball For The 1st Time

Ever thought about coaching a sports team that your child was in but not sure how? I got YOU!

To ensure I had the quality time with my then 9 year old son, I challenged myself to coach his CYO 4th grade basketball team.

I was a 1st time coach and had a team of 1st time basketball players in a league where there was no mercy.

I survived coaching, it wasn’t easy at first but these few things really helped me!

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26 Sep


When I was a kid growing up in the South Bronx of NYC, climbing things was an everyday activity.

We would climb gates to get into the park, climb the side of a building to get our baseballs and would just have a crazy time climbing the spider like webs in the park.

I thought my son would inherit these climbing skills naturally but he can’t even climb a gate.

I Blame Myself For His Lack Of Skills

The climbing experiences that I had grown up with don’t exist for my son because we made his ipad his best friend. I let a digital device take the place of his outdoor experiences.

But I have a fix, a rope course. Our first was The Tree Top Adventures @ Turtle Back Zoo.

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12 Sep

Getting Started With Home Depot’s Kids Workshop

The Home Depot workshops are great and I definitely encourage all dads to check it out even if you are a non-handy person like myself. It is definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event!

Price: Free
Dress Code: None but you don’t want paint on those fresh jordans
Time Needed: As Long As You Want
Age Range: All
Fun Factor: All The Way Up
Registration Needed: Yes but can show up without it

Every 1st Saturday of the month, Home Depot holds their kids workshop. These workshops are free and easy to do as a family. They also offer a new theme like an Angry Birds Bird House or A Car’s Race Car every month.

You can play the part of a super hero without needing to buy stuff from the store. Just show up and enjoy some free quality time together.

Did I mention they are FREE? Here are a few things to think about.

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