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Reflecting On Fatherhood With “The World Is Yours” The Poem

I Love Books And How They Take You To Another World!!!!

That same love of books hasn’t transferred over to my sons yet but I’m hoping I can change that! To do so I started encouraging less Ipad time and more reading time TOGETHER.

I was searching for a book that combined some of the love I have for self help and business books but was geared towards kids. Something that had a dope message for my 10 year old but could also keep my 4 year old entertained.

Luckily I didn’t have to look far! My friend Dj BenHaMeen had just published a kid’s book called “The World Is Yours” which is actually a poem! A Dope One!

Just opening the book made me proud! I was reading something that had my cultural background in mind and led us to some cool conversations around some of the quotes below.

Get your own copy here!

Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal, This Is Opening Night

#FatherhoodIsLit The World Is Yours

It’s our duty to remind our kids that they only have one life to live and should do the things they really want to do with it!

School has taught us to play it safe, to follow a certain path that others have laid out for us. To live the American Dream, but what if that dream isn’t for your child? I want my kids dreaming for themselves!

Look around, you will always find someone that says they regret not living life the way they wanted. They are all around you!

That feeling must suck big time, this is exactly why YOU need to remind your kids that their life is theirs to live! Others can serve as a guide but this is opening night, they make the rules and they have to live with them. Live it up or forever be that “I wish I would have done things differently” person!

Never Sell Yourself Short. Hold Down The Fort!

#FatherhoodIsLit The World Is Yours

It Starts With Belief

Besides empathy for others, having self confidence can be a child’s greatest asset.

No one wants to raise a kid that needs handouts to survive or is always looking for a helping hand because they don’t believe in their own abilities.

We all want to raise strong minded confident kids not cocky kids. Kids that are ok with a lost as long as they know they gave it their all.

Do my kids fail? Of course they do but it won’t be for lack of effort. They are learning to hold themselves down, to rely on their ability to not only learn but to adjust.

Kids that learn from losses instead of running from the possibility of it happening will have greater memories! They won’t be afraid to attempt things they never tried before!

Knowing that failure doesn’t define them, their effort does will go a long way!

If You Miss The Boat, Then Learn To Swim In The Ocean

#FatherhoodIsLit The World Is Yours

Teach your kids that it’s cool to have a plan but that’s exactly what it is, a PLAN! The execution of the plan will always be what matters the most.

There were no handouts where I came from. We were taught to go get ours and if we failed, then we just had to try another approach.

It’s up to us to prepare them for when things don’t go as planned. Remind them that when things don’t work out they will have to adjust their approach if they really want it!

It’s ok if they fail, but they got to keep trying! Take the loss and learn from it!

All My Hopes And My Dreams In One Beautiful Thing

#FatherhoodIsLit The World Is Yours
How dope is fatherhood??

Every time I look at my kids I am reminded of how blessed I am. Everything I ever wanted was all packaged into 3 little bodies that I helped create!

They weren’t carbon copies of me, they are the better model! The minute our kids are born they become our main business, they become the only thing that really matters but it’s hard for a dad to say that at times.

When this quote popped up I had to let them know how much they meant to me. I’m not the most emotional dude out there but I hope I remind them enough because it’s true!

Have you read something that helped you reflect on fatherhood? Let me know!!!




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