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3 Reasons Why You Should Join A Dads Group

Fatherhood just like entrepreneurship, can be hard and pretty lonely even when you have people around you.

When I started feeling lost and by myself as an entrepreneur, I joined a master mind group and it changed my life.

Knowing that I had a group of people who cared about what I was going through and could provide support was huge!

Fatherhood is even harder, so what is a dad to do?

We dads are some prideful characters! Tell me I’m lying!

Many of us don’t like to ask for help at all, but we all need that outlet to escape or even ask questions. That’s why I joined a couple of dad groups and you should too!

There Is No Blue Print To Being A Dad
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Most of us don’t really plan on having kids, it just happens!!!

The day you find out you are going to be a dad is the day the world stops. Your first thought might be, “oh shit I’m having a kid, am I even ready?” Well at least that was my thought!

Looking for the blueprint? You will never find one because there is no such thing! Everyone parents differently so there is no guide but there are people who have dealt with fatherhood before!

I’m a prideful guy, I don’t like asking people for help and that’s where a dad group really helped me.

The 1st group I joined was a group called the NYC Dads Group! Groups like this are designed to take away all the pressure of asking for help and provide you with a network of other dads putting in work.

Members of groups like this want to help each other and have no shame sharing their own ups and downs online. They still won’t be able to provide you with a blueprint but they can help you because they are dealing with the same thing!

You can ask questions from the safety of your computer table, put your ego to the side and do it!

No New Friends? Yeah Good Luck With That
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No new friends, no new friends…

Yeah aight don’t listen to Drake!

We dads are funny when it comes to friendships, we rather be by ourselves than to seek new friends. This is so wrong on so many levels because once you have a child life changes.

Your wants and your priorities shift so you start to chill with your lifelong friends less, especially if they are not parents themselves. Your network might even start to get smaller, and that’s ok! It’s about the quality of your network not the size of it!

By joining a dads group I was able to join a family of people whose priorities closely matched my own. They were living life with their kids as their main priority but still had their own modified lives to live.

It isn’t hard finding people you can relate to when you actually look in the right places. The right place is a dad group and you don’t have to be friends with every single member.

We outgrow people, it’s ok to go out there and find new people to connect with! Don’t let that manly pride of yours bore you to death!

New You New Activities
#FatherhoodIsLit Dads Group

Before having kids you probably loved going out with your friends! You might have been a night time guy like me hitting up clubs until the early morning. Or you might have been the type that loved to stay home playing on the computer or ranking up on Call of Duty!

Oh the good old days!

Once that kid pops out, every thing changes! Those late nights with the crew barely exist. The only late night/early munchies you know about are those feeding sessions your kids love waking you up to have.

We lose some of the “cool” things we thought we were doing and replace them with others! I won’t lie it took me a while to appreciate that part of fatherhood. I would attempt to do the things I did before having a child and would suffer the next day. I would get 2 hours of sleep and think I could survive the day with a crying baby. Big big big mistake!

Now that I’m focused I look forward to the activities I do with my kids. Simply playing tag with my kids at the park has taken over the late night drinking session at the club with the crew. It feels good to actually write that!!!!

Now people ask me what I am doing with my kids this week so they can tag along! I got a huge secret to tell you!

I find all these dope events that I do with my kids via dad groups! The groups form dope outings or another dad will hook it up with some info. You better PayPal me some cash for that and try not to tell everyone lol! Better yet go buy a t-shirt!

Got another secret to tell you….

I accomplished 2 of my bucket list items this year for free via the NYC Dads group!!!! Read more about that here! That group has become my secret weapon when it comes to finding things to do with others like me.

Want to create dope memories doing something new or unexpected????

Join a dads group; it has been one of the smartest moves I ever made!!

What are some of your favorite dad groups? Put me on and remember


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