13 Apr

Attending A Free Mini Build Event At The Lego Store

Once you learn how to survive a Lego building session, it becomes fun for both the kids and the dads.

It’s a great way to spend time together and to build creativity without forcing it.

But they do get expensive!

Luckily for us the Lego Store actually hosts a dope mini build session every month for FREE! It is definitely a Cool4Dads Certified Event

Price: Free
Dress Code: Come As You Please
Time Needed: 20 minutes
Age Range: 6+
Fun Factor: Could Be Better, Good Time Filler
Registration Needed: Yup, but they are in store registration so head on over!

Yup Free 99 just how we like it! Here are a few things you need to know before heading out though!

Build Something You Actually Want To Keep

#FatherhoodIsLit Free Lego Store Event

We have attended tons of free Lego events sponsored by people like Toys R Us and even Barnes and Noble.

Most of them are really dope but then you run into an event where free means it sucks big time.

Where you build something super simple, or the location just gives you a bucket of legos to play with. You know things you could have done in the luxury of your own home!

Those suck but I have to say that the mini build at the official Lego Stores are really dope!

You won’t build a massive Lego city or a set of 100 pieces but they always let your kids build something that’s worth showing off to your friends. It’s a mini build, so you might build a school bus or even a mini Frankenstein. They look simple but they are DOPE!

Register & Arrive Early

#FatherhoodIsLit Free Lego Store Event

I never knew how popular these mini builds were until I slacked one time and didn’t register until the next day!

Bad bad bad move!

Registration usually takes place during the middle of the month and spots go fast! You can register in store or online like I do.

Just like you have to register early, you have to arrive early!

The good thing is that you have an assigned time slot so it doesn’t get over crowded, but that’s also the bad thing about it.

We once showed up 5 minutes late, they give you a 15 minutes grace period and the lady was hounding us the whole time really messing up the experience.

They give you 20 minutes to complete the build and depending on who is hosting the build, they really stick to it.

So we had 15 minutes to build our school bus which wasn’t that bad, but having the lady on top of us rushing us and trying to help us build it, sucked.

Be great, don’t be late!

Let Them Build

#FatherhoodIsLit Free Lego Store Event

Like every Lego event I ever attend, I notice way too many parents trying to rush their kids.

Why come if your kids can’t enjoy it?

Even though there is a time constraint, don’t use that as an excuse to build it for them.

The instructions and build are pretty simple so they can figure it out.

Can you help?

Of course but you should do less than 5% of the build and should only help when you see they are having trouble or if they ask for help.

If they don’t ask for help, don’t offer it!

Don’t want to stand there doing nothing?

Open your mouth and talk about the build or what they plan to do with it. Use it as a moment to appreciate the work they are doing and to have a meaningful conversation.

Time running out?

Fuck it!!! Put the rest of the build in a bag with the instructions and finish it elsewhere. It’s that simple!

Group The Build With Something Else

#FatherhoodIsLit Free Lego Store Event

We only have one Lego store in Staten Island, NY and it’s at least a 20 minute drive from where I live!

Due to this we only do the monthly builds when we have something else to do either at the mall or near it. It’s a good way to kill 30 minutes or so.

It’s a dope build but not worth the 20-30 minute drive for a 15-20 min build.

I highly suggest you combine it with something else or simply invest in a set and build it at home.

Sometimes free can get costly, so just going to the mall for a build will guarantee you spend money elsewhere.

Know Any Dope Events We Should Check Out Let Us Know!



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