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The Right Way To Do Great Adventure With Your Kids

I am always up for an adventure with my kids so for the past few years we have been investing more of our time in Great Adventure. I used to love going there as a teenager with my friends and now I get to the same with my kids.

However; as much fun as we have, there is nothing I hate more than standing on long lines especially in the heat!!!

That’s one of the few things that we really have no control over and simply have to roll with the punches.

There is no way around spending money but with these tips you will save a ton of cash and have a much better experience at Great Adventure!

Buy A Membership To Great Adventure
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1st and foremost buying a membership is must!

It doesn’t matter if you feel you will only attend the park once the whole year, splurge on it but do it as early as possible.

Daily single tickets can run you about $70 online or at the gate.

I bought my season pass in October for $69.99. Not only was it valid for the rest of the year but it was also good for the following full season.

I even got myself free parking, admissions to both parks at GA at any location, exclusive discounts for friends and myself, and those passes gave us exclusive entry to special events held at the park!

Talk about deals, you can spend $100-plus on 1 ticket and parking! We even splurged on a couple of meal plans to save even more money.

My plan was to just buy a few tickets for the kids and ended up getting a pretty dope deal. Since we are only an hour away, now we can visit the park multiple times a season. We don’t have to worry about the cost or making it through the whole park in 1 day.

Pro Tip: Get your season pass at the end of the season, and get your meal plan 2 weeks before the park opens for the best deals!

Plan Your Day

I can’t stress enough how important it is to PLAN your day out!

As a teenager we would just wing the day, all we wanted was to eat good and ride roller coasters!

Now as an adult I can see how important it is to actually have a plan for what you want to do! Once again I hate lines and heat, both things that you get a shit load of at GA! So planning my day is the only way to survive.

If you want to hit up the safari expect at least an hour and a half wait. Then you factor in the actual ride time and you start to see that the bulk of your day is gone quickly! It is impossible to enjoy the whole park in 1 day, especially with kids around.

Plan out which rides you really want to do! If you’re lucky enough to go with another adult; plan on separating to really get things done. My sons are 10 and 5 years old so depending on which rides they want to do, wifey and I will separate and link up later on during the day if needed.

Also by creating and sticking to your plan, you can manage everyone’s expectations way better. We all know how annoying things can get in the heat, stick to the script!

Dress For The Day Not The Accolades

When you go to a theme park like GA you start to notice that some people wear their Easters best clothing to the park!

I can’t lie as a teenager I did the same thing! I rocked the newest Jordans and the matching outfit because I was showing off!

Let’s keep it all the way real, this isn’t a fashion show and no one is looking at you and your clothes unless you’re an IG model!

Kids are messy and so is GA! Rocking new clothes and new sneakers is a real dumb move. You might feel like you are getting cool points for looking fly but you’re not.

Chances are no one even notices you to begin with. If you are watching them watch you then where does the fun stuff fit in? Leave all that I dress dope shit at home and dress for the day! Get real comfortable because you will be walking forever and rubbing shoulders with a shit load of people.

Staying fresh and clean is damn near impossible!

Invest In Preferred Parking

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You ever did something that brought you enjoyment all day and then boom it hits you, you have to walk over a mile just to get to your car in parking?

Ohhhhh I hate that shit!

After a long day at Great Adventures, I dread having to walk far for my car so I splurge on Preferred Parking!

Since I have a season membership with free parking already included, GA lets us upgrade for the day by paying an extra $15. Even if you have to pay the normal price of $40 it is WORTH the cash!

Imagine walking around GA all day on a hot and humid day with 2-3 kids! Just thinking about it is exhausting so knowing that your car is at the beginning of the lot is a great feeling. You will be wiped out as much as your kids will be; doing this makes the commute back home much easier.

Plus you can store your lunch sandwiches in your car; you don’t want to travel far for some cheap eats!

Have some tips on really enjoying a day out at Great Adventures with Your KIDS?

Let me know in the comment section or catch us on Instagram!



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