02 Feb

We do it for our kids! Black Fathers Now & #FatherhoodIsLit

Who do you do it for?

That’s a loaded question and depending on the time of day, who you do it for can really vary!

When our kids need us, we drop it all to make sure they are good. The same can be said when anyone close to us is in need.

Fathers take care of people but there’s one group of people that get the main priority, our kids! That’s how we become DOPE FATHERS, our kids!

Our kids equal us!

On this week’s podcast, I wanted to try something different and asked my dope friend Mike Dorsey who runs a dope company and podcast called Black Fathers Now! to help me.

Every couple of weeks, Mike and I jump on the phone to catch up. We talk about anything and everything that pops up. It’s 2 dads that respect each other shooting the shit!

It’s special and to be honest, our convos end up full of gems in regards to parenting.

Those gems are shared on both of our platforms but the real sauce is in the unfiltered conversations we have. They are natural, unforced and at times everything a dad needs to hear!

We remind each other not only who we do it for but that our kids equal US! When they are up, we are up! When they are down so are we. 

The Podcast

We do it for our kids  #FatherhoodisLit

So this week we decided to record our unscripted convo to see what happens and man I am super proud of this episode.

After our convos, I always feel energized and we both started talking about how conversations like this can really help other fathers.

We kept mentioning that we could help dads by keeping it real with ourselves and our peers, what came out of that was the mere fact that we do it for others!

However; the people that benefit the most from our conversations arent just the fathers, it’s our kids!

#FatherhoodIsLit x Black Fathers Now

We fathers take it upon ourselves to be the greatest fathers we can be, why?

It’s that simple, we do it for the kids but to do it for them we have to help ourselves. Let that line sink in and enjoy our new series together!

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