16 Feb

Learning from Social Working with Bas Moreno

Growing up in the hood we all knew the social workers!

We knew them because they were always around and stood out like the people selling you church materials every morning.

It got to the point that when we saw a social worker, we would ask each other which one of our friends are we losing this week?

It’s sad but it’s the reality for many kids growing up around the world, this isn’t just an inner-city thing.

I wanted to learn more about the life of a social worker and asked fellow DOPE DAD Bas Moreno to come through to drop some gems for us.

Social workers want you to win not lose

Learning from Social Working with Bas Moreno

I have always been fascinated by social workers! The amount of work that they do for others is insane and the love that they don’t get is pretty crazy as well.

To some, social workers are the enemies but to those that know, they are GOD SENT!

Without them, some of the kids in the roughest households wouldn’t make it to become adults or productive members of society.

For many kids and even grown adults, social workers are the difference between surviving and the alternative. They do the work some adults can not do for kids or even themselves.

Over the years I have learned that social workers want you and your kids to win, not lose. Bas proved it during our chat.

The Podcast

Bas Moreno Social Working Gems #FatherhoodIsLit

Social workers do it for the love of humanity and I know they are full of gems!

This week I asked my homie Bas Moreno, who is a Licensed Social Worker with over 2 decades of experience to share some of those gems with us.

Bas is the real deal and has worked with kids in the foster system, adults with disabilities and now he’s back in the school system looking out for our future leaders of the world!

He has devoted his life to helping those in need and been started his own podcast called The Social Work Rant Podcast to get more social workers to drop gems!

You know I had to pick his brain to find out what he learned from his work and how he applies it to FATHERHOOD!

Traditions #FatherhoodisLit

He didn’t hold back and it got a little emotional! If you ever wanted to learn from a social worker here’s your chance.

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