19 Jan

Actions over resolutions, the dad way!

Resolutions, are they holding you down, or are your actions doing so?

If you have been rocking with us for while, you know how we feel about resolutions on this side!

Resolutions are bullshit!!!

I know I know, James, how can you say such a thing?

Easy, resolutions are words, actions are the real game changer! I wrote about my family being my everyday resolutions HERE, check it out.

The problem with resolutions

Actions over resolutions, the dad way! #fatherhoodislit
Resolutions can’t make you happy, actions do!

If you are like me, chances are you are great at making a list of all the things you want to change or do better with every year.

Chances are that if you are like me, that list gets tossed before even February rolls around.

Fatherhood, life, all of those other things get in the way of your resolutions.

When your kid falls off their bike or has a bad day at school, resolutions don’t fix the issue, WE DO! Our actions do all the talking!

So what’s the point of listing everything you can think of and then not having anyone to hold you accountable for the actions you take with them.

That’s why I always say my kids are my everyday resolutions. I use them for that because they are my accountability system. I can forget to hit the gym to get cut up but I can never forget to give my kids MY ALL! I’m 100000000% sure you put your kids first and know exactly what I mean.

The fix for resolutions

action over resolutions #FatherhoodIsLit

So what’s a father to do in regards to resolutions?

Instead of putting so much emphasis on 100 things, you must do this year, why don’t you focus on 2-3 things that can make your life less stressful and more fulfilling.

For me this year those 3 things are as follows, hope they help you a little something something as well.

  1. Self-care: doubling down on doing things that make us happy and doubling down on the people that don’t judge us for doing so
  2. Not stressing the things we don’t know. We don’t have to be perfect, just present
  3. Stop assuming our kids know what we knew at their age, and start educating instead.

The podcast

resolutions #FatherhoodisLit

Those 3 things that I want to focus a little bit on might not make you or me the best fathers out there but they are things we can actually focus on.

As fathers we don’t need a list of 1000 things as our resolutions, we just need to remember who we are doing those things for.

We do it all for our kids and do little for ourselves at times! I hope these 3 things help you focus on both yourself and your kids.

Without them, our lives aren’t complete, but don’t get it twisted! Without us, their lives wouldn’t be as great as it is either!

Let’s get it fellas, happy 2022; and continue to make your presence felt!

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