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Traditions: It’s who you do it with that matters

Traditions, it’s not what you do but who you do it with that matters.

Growing up in the Bronx, our family traditions lacked a bit. Or did it?

To be honest, I’m not sure how I felt about our family traditions growing up.

Looking back now, I can’t say we didn’t have any traditions, all families have them, ours just felt different at times.

Traditions are about the people

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As a youth, there were things that my family and I did together but I didn’t classify as a tradition until now as an older gentleman.

We had our Christmas traditions and even though Thanksgiving wasn’t really special we still had a tradition around it. Instead of eating a crazy meal with the family, my dad would take me to his hood to simply chill outside.

We didn’t wake up the week before saying I can’t wait to taste the turkey, instead we woke up on Thanksgiving and hit up the Saint Marys Portion of the Bronx.

What did we do you ask? Nothing crazy. We didn’t do much but hang out with people we loved. My pops taught me early on that traditions are about the people you love not the actions you take without them! That made him a DOPE DAD in my eyes!

The Podcast

Traditions #FatherhoodisLit

That part of traditions is the part that I want YOU to focus on!

It’s not about what you do but who you do it with that counts. That’s what I hope my kids get from our family traditions that may look huge but I also hope they get it from the little things we do together without the family.

Things like making sure we hit up a LEGO event every month. It may not sound like a tradition but it is to us and not having them due to covid is a stark reminder.

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Not only do my kids look forward to building with LEGO bricks but they especially look forward to the food we would eventually eat at the mall.

That part made them the happiest. What made me the happiest was simply being there with them and knowing that if I didn’t take them they would ask why we didn’t go. They look forward to not only going but also being there with DAD!

That little outing is a tradition to us and I hope it serves you as a reminder that it’s not what you do that makes it a tradition, it’s who you do it with that counts the most!!!

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