23 Feb

Child Support: We Do It For Our Kids

What’s real child support and what’s the definition a DOPE DAD would use?

If you look up the definition of child support you get: court-ordered payments, typically made by a noncustodial divorced parent, to support one’s minor child or children.

However; is that enough for your kids well being?

Around here, everything we do is for our kids and child support looks different depending on who you are.

For me, child support is way more than financial support. We can cut the checks until the end of time but will money ever replace what a REAL FATHER can offer his kids?

Or course not!

What’s Real Child Support?

Child Support: We Do It For Our Kids #FatherhoodIsLit

This week I sat down with my homie Mike Dorsey of Black Fathers Now for the second episode of our “We Do It For The Kids” series to discuss childhood and what it means to us.

We talked about the definition society emphasizes, what we feel real child support looks like, and even got into a discussion on weaponizing child support.

To us, child support is more than money, it is about being there to add value to your kid in all aspects of their lives. Money can’t solve everything but putting a parent’s mind to work and their presence can work wonders.

Being there to guide your kids through the ups and downs of life is the definition of child support that Mike and I rock with.  That adds value to your kids’ life, money just enhances it, dads make life better!

Weaponizing Child Support

real child support #FatherhoodIsLit

So what about the people that weaponize child support?

Well, those people just suck unless they are really doing it for their kids then you can’t pass judgment.

Can you imagine the mother of your child not wanting to be there to see your kids grow even though they can be there?

Well it happens, I know way too many dads that are going at it alone while their ex-partners live life to the fullest. I also know many mothers dealing with the same thing.

That’s where I have to draw the line and say that there is a time when weaponizing child support works and shouldn’t even be titled that.

I’m all for weaponizing it for the right reasons and you know I had to talk my shit.

The Podcast

Child Support the real fathers way!  #FatherhoodisLit

Parenting is hard and expensive, I can’t imagine doing it all alone and many of us don’t have any other option but to take on the burden of the costs ourselves.

Should we just eat all the costs? I’m pretty sure for some it might be easier to do just that!

However; to others receiving child support is the bare minimum!

That’s when using child support to get financial help or simply to get the other parent involved might be the only option a parent has.

In that case, some might call it a weapon, but to some of us, it might be the only way our kids get to see the other parent and that just sucks!

It is what it is, you can’t judge a parent that does what they think is correct for their kids. That’s who we do it for and that’s the only people that matter!

Oh man, what a deep conversation and I can’t wait until part 2! Heck, we might need 10 parts on this one so if you have something you want to share in regards to child support hit me up!


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