31 Mar

Vacationing With Kids During Covid

Vacationing is something all families enjoy but this year is different. 

Due to covid, we all know travel restrictions, quarantines, and even curfews are messing everything up. 

It feels like it was just yesterday that we started to ask ourselves how are we going to communicate or even see each other during covid?

Now it’s been over a year and even though we are still fighting this madness, people are leaving their homes to seek some type of normalcy. 

After locking ourselves down for almost a whole year, my family and I finally caught COVID. I say finally because every day without it had us asking each other when is it our turn and how will we survive it. 

Enough is enough

vacationing with kids during covid
outdoor activities is the best

After our bout with COVID, we needed some freedom. Instead of the normal 14 days of quarantine, we locked ourselves up for a little over a month. 

Cabin fever hit like no other as boredom overtook us. 

My kids don’t do well at home. They love exploring, running around like lunatics and for some reason get hungry when we are outside leading to them begging for take-out. It never fails, the minute we leave the crib, they are on the lookout for food. 😂

We needed something to do and decided that it was time for a small vacation. Nothing too crazy since we weren’t sure how our bodies were going to take it but the Lopez family had a mission. 

The world wasn’t back to normal yet, but we were stepping out regardless. Enough was enough, 🖕🏽 covid. 

Vacationing during covid

vacationing during covid with the family. cool for dads
Hey, parents need fun too

Although we had enough of being home, that doesn’t mean we weren’t mindful of how different vacationing looks like now. 

The normal trips weren’t normal anymore. 

Imagine going to Disney World and not being able to take pictures with the characters. Or jumping on a plane and having to wear a mask the whole 6 hours you are onboard. Not something I look forward to.

Vacationing just looks and feels different. It is what it is. 

We didn’t care that things look differently, we needed an escape and took it! 

But how?

Real easy, we researched EVERYTHING! When I say everything I mean everything. 

You want to know what the protocols are where you are heading. Is there a curfew, are there activities that are safe to do, will they be packed?

vacationing during covid with the kids

Question and research everything, including people you might go to visit or vacation with. We went to Syracuse and had no issues asking my family who we were going to visit where they went, who they saw, and if they were covid free. They didn’t mind and even served us the same questions multiple times. 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions because the worst thing that can happen is showing up somewhere, thinking you are about to do something, and boom, plans have changed! 

That sucks so if you really want to vacation during covid, remember it’s still a danger, RESEARCH EVERYTHING!!!!! 

There’s more but you have to tune in to the podcast for that!

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