26 May

Surviving boring events

Wow, that was boring!

That’s something I try to whisper to my wife whenever we end up at a lackluster event.

It wasn’t always like that, if I didn’t want to be somewhere, I would make it known. I know my wife used to hate it, the kids probably did too.

However; as a dad, as your kids grow so do you. Now instead of getting upset about a boring event, I chalk it up to trying something new for the kids. That’s part of becoming a dope dad and why I started looking for events that were cool for dad. You can see some of them by clicking HERE!

Avoiding boring events

surviving boring events #fatherhoodislit

I wish it was as easy as saying you could avoid boring events, but we all know it’s impossible.

For our kids, we will do anything, and sometimes we have to attend some of their events that we don’t necessarily love. We sit there in agony at times, dying for the moment to be over and smiling the minute they look your way.

Those types of events suck but they are meaningful. The more you experience boring events the better you get at surviving them. Avoiding them might not be possible but I’m sure you will remember them in the future and that helps as well.

Surviving boring events

Surviving boring events

This week I wanted to focus on the events we choose to attend. The ones that have us excited to try something new with the kids but somehow end up sucking.

Yeah, you know the type, it happens to us all.

Surviving those types of instances starts way before you actually get to the event.

It starts with researching what you are doing to set expectations. Batching activities when you are not sure of their outcome so you can have a backup and remembering why you are there to begin with… YOUR KIDS!

Doing these things won’t guarantee you success but it will help you avoid some of the boring events out there or at least recover your day from one.

When all else fails, laugh it off and remind yourself to never do anything like that last BORING EVENT again.

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