14 Apr

Protecting all kids, even if they are not yours

Protecting all the kids around you is a must!

That’s a line my pops and his neighborhood friends would not only say they meant it.

It didn’t matter if they knew the kids, if harm came their way, the block had their back. If a child came outside and needed something to eat, they would take care of them. That’s just what a DOPE DAD does.

Where I came from, most kids didn’t have a father in their household. They had an uncle, big bro, cousin, or some other type of male figure around them to guide them. Those were the lucky few, some didn’t have that luxury.

They had to survive without a positive male role model.

Protecting them even if they are not yours.

protecting all kids

This week I wanted to talk about us, the dads, serving kids whether we are related by blood or not.

Kids, well kids will be kids. Not only do they need to see what a great man looks like, but at times they have to feel what we can provide.

Providing support and protecting them doesn’t have to be a bank breaker and you don’t necessarily have to put your life on the line.

What I want to talk about is seeing a kid in need and being there to provide. 

Real simple ways to protect our youth

protecting the youth

Every day we are presented with ways to be of service and they are real simple.

For example, you might see a kid crossing the street and even though you have the green light, maybe you stop for them to cross. That’s really simple and I bet you have done it on many occasions without even thinking about it.

Don’t drive? Well, maybe you went to the store and noticed that a kid was missing a dollar or so to buy something. Next thing you know you are offering them and their friends’ stuff from the store.

Protection doesn’t mean you have to put your livelihood on the line. Protecting means that you understand that kids are kids. What we expect them to do and even know sometimes, well sometimes they don’t do what we know they should do or can do. They are kids. 

Real Fathers Protect!

Protecting all kids

That’s where real fathers step in to protect the youth.

We see a kid in need and even if they don’t ask, we jump into service, but why?

It’s easy to help people you know but why help those you don’t know? Shouldn’t you just mind your business?

I’ll flip the question around for you. If your child is in need, no matter how big or small, wouldn’t you want someone to help them?

I know I would and that’s why I am a big advocate of fellas, especially dads, stepping up and helping kids whether they are blood or not.

One day one of my kids might need YOU, and I hope, matter of fact, I pray, that YOU step up and look out for them.

I expect that of myself and I expect that of any real dude that claims to be a real dude.

This week I talked about a few real simple ways that I helped a few kids this year and how it made me feel and think about my own kids.

These kids didn’t say thank you, their parents didn’t say thank you but that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to help and hopefully, these same kids will pay it forward as they become young adults.

That’s the ultimate win, having those same kids serve others in need if they are presented the chance to do so.

It takes a village to raise a child, are you an asset to that village or not?

Protect all kids, even if they are not yours! Real father shit! 

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