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Minivan Dad Life with Nate Watson

Can a minivan dad have as much fun as other dads?

That’s a rhetorical question, around here we break stereotypes and we all know there is one tied to minivans.

Growing up in the ’80s, minivans, station wagons, and the cheese bus aka yellow school bus wasn’t seen as the coolest things on earth.

It just wasn’t and until this day some still don’t vibe with it.

We DO! Even though we drive an SUV back home, whenever we go on vacation we rent a minivan. To be honest, minivans are looking way better and even handle much better now than they did back in the ’80s but I too was one of those kids that fell for the stereotype.

I didn’t mind riding in them because it was way better than jumping on the bus or walking, but I also told myself I would never get one. It just wasn’t cool enough, many of us STILL feel the same way.

Minivan life with Nate Watson

minivan dad life with nate watson

Not the homie Nate Watson. He had a thing for minivans since he was younger and takes it to the next level.

He doesn’t just transport his kids in a minivan to school, shopping, or even Disney, he does it in style.

In his hooked-up minivan!

We all have seen a minivan or two rolling around with the dope body kit and rims. They are way more common now than ever.

But can we have fun with them?

Nate came through and proved that they are not only fun but that the car doesn’t make the father, the actions the father takes does. Mission completed!

The minivan community

nate watson minivan dad

When you think about minivans, many of us associate them with being slow and being more of a soccer mom’s vibe than a father’s manly vibe.

Those are stereotypes that Nate Watson joined me on the podcast to dispel. We love breaking stereotypes and Nate did just that with ease.

There’s a community for everyone and Nate has been able to enjoy life as a father and one within the minivan community.

But this isn’t a community of regular minivans either, this community takes pride in their vans just like some take pride in their lowriders or muscle cars.

They modify their minivans by dropping them, adding body kits, killer stereos, engine mods, and much more. To them, minivans deserve some respect and they showcase it proudly. All while still being the best dads they can be, DOPE DADS!

Gems on the Podcast

The minivad dad with Nate Watson

Nate came through to talk about his love of minivans and how he continues to make his presence felt like any other dad.

We talked about living in Florida but not necessarily living every day in Disney. You know I had to ask how often they go because that heat is brutal. I even had to ask him if he parked his car miles away from civilization like some of my friends do that mod their Hondas and Toyotas 😂. He surprised me with his answer.

minivan dad life with nate watson fatherhood is lit

We like killing stereotypes and Nate Watson had no issues going through some of the most ignorant assumptions to some of the cooler ones. We talked about taking our kids to car shows, the music we play while driving and how Nate is always doing something that’s not only cool for him but cool for the dads as well!

He dropped gems for the Minivan community and once again proved that FATHERS can be great no matter what they DRIVE!

What matters is our actions and Nate is making his presence felt like a real one and in style! Tune in for some gems, car lovers, see what I did there???? 😂 Even has me wondering if we should get our own minivan soon, only time will tell.

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