12 May

Teaching your kids manners, yup dads can do it too!

Manners, is that lost upon generations?

As a dad of 3 that’s always running around with his kids, I don’t know what to think about manners anymore.

Sometimes I don’t even know who’s worst, adults or kids when it comes to manners. Kids just like adults won’t even say thank you when you hold the door for them, so what’s a dad to do?

Should we just chalk it up to the way the world works now, or should we do our best to teach our kids some manners?

Manners aren’t hard to teach but they are hard to uphold!

father stunned by manners #FatherhoodIsLit

They say education starts at home and part of that education is teaching our kids about manners!

Do we all practice it in the best way possible? Hell Nah!

I have a neighbor that every time I see him he puts his head down and won’t say a word to me. Even if I hold the door for him, or say good morning to his family, he will disregard it and ignore me. Yup, right in front of my kids, my oldest even laughs about it now. 

You might say he doesn’t have any manners and you might be right? But I have also seen him talk to people that don’t “look” like me so I’m going to say he does have some.

What he doesn’t have is the ability to uphold the manners that his parents probably taught him. To be real, it’s probably my skin tone that throws him off but that doesn’t stop me from showing casing the manners my parents taught me about.

People don’t owe you sh*t not even manners

Is this only in NYC? Nahhhh

My neighbor is a jerk, a loser, maybe a racist but to be honest he doesn’t owe me anything.

He doesn’t owe me a thank you when I hold the door for his wife. Heck, he doesn’t even need to hold the elevator for me! Should he show me respect?

You damn right but respect and manners don’t always go hand in hand.

That’s a lesson I try to remind my kids all the time! Sometimes we do the right things for others, continuously do so and they will never acknowledge it.

Sometimes we return the favor, I know I do at times especially when I see him coming from the garage. I’ll run up the stairs of the garage and close the door on him and then press every single floor on the elevator.

Yeah, I’m petty like that but remember how I said education starts at home?

Well, my kids never see that action, not yet at least, got some lessons about the actions waiting for them. The most they will get is me screaming your welcome to someone to remind them to say thank you. You know you have done it too!

Other than that, I mind my manners as much as I can, especially if they are around!

Manners, if we care, it’s on us to teach

teaching your kids about manners

This week we covered why manners start with us, teaching them that people don’t owe them a thing, remembering why it matters and why we can’t assume they know it all.

Parenting is hard! Sometimes we think our kids are learning what they are supposed to but how can we be so sure if we aren’t the ones doing all the teaching?

That’s why we dads get involved! We can’t assume our kids will pick up all the good things the world has to offer when some of those things are far from good!

Now that doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk about it. It just means that we have to be mindful that our kids are going to be adults one day. 

No one likes an ungrateful adult or one that lacks manners. Put them on to being great, teach them why manners matter and you never know. One day they might be the ones putting others on!

LIFE GOES ON, whether people use their manners or not. Look at that another lesson to teach our kids about.

Our effort goes a long way in our children’s lives, make your presence felt.

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