05 May

Business building as a dad with James Oliver

Can a busy dad start a successful business?

Come on, you know that’s a trick question!

Dads like us can do anything we set our minds to, just ask our kids! We are superheroes in their eyes!

Will they hinder your business?

I remember when I quit my job about 10 years ago to start a business. My oldest was 5 at the time and I was about to hit 6 figures as a network administrator.

Things were going extremely well but I wasn’t happy with my job. I knew the corner office was for me but I also knew I had to wait 30+ years to get it if they even thought about hooking me up.

So what’s an ambitious dad to do?

We start our own business. At 1st every one told me I was crazy because I had a child and the money I was making many wouldn’t get the chance to make. I also remember someone telling me when you have kids running a business is impossible. They will hinder your progress and even business.

Let us just say people that said that were completely wrong! Kids will set a fire under your ass like no other.

The Business Dad, Trep Dad, James Oliver!

james oliver business dad

I love building companies and love seeing others do the same whether we fail or not.

This week, I wanted to bring on a serial entrepreneur who is also doing huge things on the community side of business for the parents.

His name is James Oliver and he runs the community and foundation ParentPrenuers while parenting twins. It’s hard building a business, throw in twins and you get what he calls TWINNADO!

James walks us through some of the challenges of building a business while being a father. He tells us how to go from concept to actual business and how a community like his can really pay dividends.

A community of hustling parents matters

James has always been about the entrepreneurial life! His company was just accepted into tech stars which is a huge deal in the technology world but that’s not what makes him special.

What makes him special is his devotion to helping other parents especially dads level up.

With his ParentPreneur Foundation, you have hundreds of parents that are also hustling to make their business dreams come true. In the group, you hear stories of success but also failure and how they got to where they are. You get to hear it directly from another parent’s mouth which is the real blueprint to hustling.

Besides having parents from all walks of life providing community, James has also been able to provide parents like me resources that would take forever to source or even pay for.

For example, he had the great Seth Godin come through and drop some gems for us on more than one occasion. Getting people like that to add value isn’t easy but James has a special talent.

He knows what parents like us need because he himself is a parent going through it with his own business. Groups like his arent just needed, they should be applauded big time.

business building as a dad with James Oliver

It was an honor to have a true hustler come through and drop some gems for us. Remember, kids should never hinder your future. They might add another element to the game, but with a great community like ParentPrenuer and YOUR hustle, anything is possible. 

Make your presence felt, get your hustle on!

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