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Reflections Of A Dad: The Father/Son Haircut By Joshua Storey

In July of 2016, I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

One thing that I’ve always said to myself is that if I ever had a boy, I would love to be able to cut his hair. Not just any haircut either, I want to give him a quality professional level cut.

Not the kind of cuts that are just done to save money with no effort put into them like some fathers before me would accept. For example, back in elementary school, one of my friend’s parents used to give him what we called the chili bowl cut.

#FatherhoodIsLit Father Son Cut

Before His 1st Cut

For those who may be unfamiliar, this is the type of cut when they just put a bowl on your head and they literally cut around the line of the bowl and that was it. It was hilarious. My pops also used to cut my hair, and it was also hilarious. It wasn’t bowl cut hilarious, but hilarious nonetheless; I love you pops!

Great Bonding Time

Being able to cut his hair is another opportunity for us to bond and talk as he grows older. This is one of the real reasons why I want to be part of this moment!

When I really think about it, I’ve talked to my barbers about almost everything, gotten some good advice and heard many interesting stories etc. If I’m cutting my son’s hair, it creates a built-in block of quality time between us to talk. And any built in one on one quality time is a major plus. Especially as he gets older and his schedule gets busier.

The Fresh Cut Feeling Feels Good, Especially If I’m Part Of It

#FatherhoodIsLit Father Son Cut

1st Attempt Success!

It would be awesome if I was the one to give him that fresh cut feeling as he grows up throughout the years.

That special feeling that you have when you leave the barber shop looking good with a fresh cut is like no other. The sheer confidence level and energy that a person exudes when they know they look good is unparalleled. This is why in the black community some say that your barber should be amongst the top 5 people you have in your life.

There is a special relationship between a man and his barber. So cutting my son’s hair gives me another way to make my son feel like a million bucks in addition to the traditional ways parents boost their kid’s self-esteem. I believe that you can never give your kids too much confidence.

Learning So I Don’t Mess This Up

Because of the reasons previously stated, I’m taking this really serious. So serious that I’ve actually been practicing cutting my own hair over the last couple of months.

I’ve invested in a 3 way Self Cut System mirror, a set of Andis Masters and T-Outliners; Bevel Blade coming soon! I figured that if I could learn by giving myself a fresh fade, edge up and that fresh cut feeling, then it would give me the major confidence needed to cut his hair.

#FatherhoodIsLit Father Son Cut

Before Practicing On Myself

Let me say this, I have never cut hair. My pops showed me how to edge my line with a razor back in middle school, so I have been comfortable doing that for a long time now. But other than that, I have no prior hair cutting experience.

I started by watching a bunch of youtube videos, taking notes and practicing on myself. Of course, these cuts are not to the level that I want yet, but the goal is to keep practicing in order to get there.

#FatherhoodIsLit Father Son Cut

1st Self Cut Complete!

If he ever wants any extra fancy artwork level designs when he gets older, then we could still head over to the barber for that. I am also considering going to barber school at some point when time permits just to get the extra knowledge and skill base.

In conclusion, on this past Christmas day, I gave my 15 month old his first haircut and It was the best feeling being able to do that and do it with confidence. It was just a basic cut since he is so young. I didn’t touch his hairline or give him a part or anything fancy yet, but being able to confidently cut his hair was a really great feeling.


As I embark on this father/barber journey I am looking forward to the extra quality time, memories, good conversation, and joy of giving him that fresh haircut that makes him feel like he can conquer the world.

#FatherhoodIsLit Father Son Cut



This Post Was A Guest Post By My Friend Joshua Storey!

Joshua is a father of 3 sharing his story in hopes of encouraging other dads who ever thought about cutting their kid’s hair!

Follow Him On IG: @j.storey_

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