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Reselling with your kids #FatherhoodIsLit

Reselling merchandise isn’t easy but with dad there, who knows!

Growing up, sneakers set us apart in my hood and my dad knew this.

Every month he would buy me a brand new pair of sneakers as long as I kept my grades up. He was very demanding when it came to school but what really kept me focused was the love of sneakers he instilled in me since birth.

Now with my own kids, they aren’t spoiled the same way. We spoil them with experiences, our #PresenceOverPresents moments.

Since we told my oldest that he could buy whatever he wanted to buy with his money, he has started thinking about reselling items. As an entrepreneur and former reseller myself, I can’t describe how happy I am to witness this.

The Concept of Reselling

reselling with your kids #FatherhoodIsLit

Reselling isn’t a new thing although kids will have you feeling like it is. Once my pops stopped spoiling me with sneakers, I had to learn how to get it myself.

Reselling Jordans was the only way I was going to stay fresh and have money in my pocket. It even helped pay for some of my master’s degree. I was able to buy sneakers and cover the cost of it with other sneakers. How’s that for reselling?

Now it’s my son’s turn and I wanted to be part of it. Since COVID started, it made it easier to sit there with him and educate him on reselling.

Reselling with your kids

supreme reselling #FatherhoodIsLit

Kids know it all but if you really want to teach them about money or business, reselling can do the trick.

Every week that I sit there planning with my oldest or actually executing on transactions, it allows me to teach him.

We get to learn the tools together. We get to learn about supply and demand while reselling. My son even gets to learn coping skills every time a bot beats him to a buy or things sell out.

All while doing something he is interested in doing. I take pride in teaching my kids about entrepreneurship and money. Reselling made the task relatable to my son while also providing me the opportunity to guide him as much as I could.

That’s a huge win in my book! Here are a few things we learned along the way that help your child or even you get into reselling.

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