17 May

How To Become A Dope Dad #FatherhoodIsLit

If you’re really searching for a guide on how to become a perfect or dope dad, I have news for you.

We are all DOPE DADS!

Maybe the world doesn’t know it but our kids do and that’s all that really matters.

Now it’s true that sometimes you might see a dad putting in work and you might to think to yourself damn they suck. But telling a dad that he’s doing something wrong or crazy is the perfect recipe to get a black eye bestowed on your face!

I never claim to be a perfect dad but I strive to be a great dad and work on it every day! There are so many things that go into becoming a dope dad! Here are some of the few things that help guide me on becoming the best dad I can possibly be!

It’s Not Only About You Any More

#FatherhoodIsLit How To Be A Dope Dad

To some this level of understanding comes quickly, to others like myself, it takes a while.

Like you there are days where I wish I could just have a day or two to myself, but it’s almost impossible.

Not because I can’t find a baby sitter, but because I came to terms that my kids exist and are the most important part of my life. I learned the real value of being patient and enjoying the fact that they need me more than anyone else.

You never know what tomorrow may bring so don’t put off being there for them. My life isn’t about just me anymore, I’m raising the future. I love it!

Show Up, Don’t Be An Absent Dad

#FatherhoodIsLit How To Be A Dope Dad

Every time I go to an event starring my kids, I look around to see who else is in attendance.

I barely see any dads and it sucks. My dad gave me everything I ever wanted or needed but was never there for my big events like graduation, or when I received an award at school. It didn’t hurt me then because I was spoiled with gifts and his presence, but now as I am older I wish he would have been there to see me smile at a few of my events!

Now no check or activity can hold me back from seeing my kids shine. I’m there taking pics, screaming like a mad man, but most importantly I’m there to show my kids that everything they do is worth MY TIME! I’m investing in my PRESENCE and so should you!

Yeah You’re Smart But You Don’t Know It All

#FatherhoodIsLit How To Be A Dope Dad

I joke around with my kids and friends that I might be the smartest person they will ever get to meet.

I’m dead serious about that, but what makes me smart is that I’m never afraid to ask questions. I’m a prideful dude like most dads but have no problem searching for solutions even if I don’t want to ask another dad.

I’m a work in progress and I study other dads with no shame. I was afraid at 1st to ask questions so I joined a DADS GROUP to mitigate it. Best decision I ever made was to smarten up by using other’s experiences!

Your Presence Never Has To Be Boring

#FatherhoodIsLit How To Be A Dope Dad

I like to have fun, this is my SECRET WEAPON!

I sometimes see dads miserable at events because what they are doing with their kids doesn’t interest them.

Sometimes we just have to suck it up and do things we don’t like, but even then you should try to have fun with it.

I like spending time with my kids but finding events or activities that I would enjoy made things even better! I try not to do activities that I would hate or deem corny, instead I look for things that I always wanted to try like CLIMBING ROPES high up in the air!

Heck if you’re going to be a great dad and always be around, why not have fun with it doing things you actually like to do?

Doing Things Mom “Supposed” To Do


They Don’t Expect Us To Smile, So We Smile!

When you think about a dad’s duty you usually think about taking care of the bills and protecting the family!

Both are great but that’s not all dads are good for.

I work from home while raising a 9 month old and used to frown upon doing the “mommy” stuff”

There is no such thing as what a mom or a dad is supposed to do; it all falls under being a parent. Now I change diapers, do laundry, cook, clean, and feed my baby while making funny airplane noises. Shit is fun, don’t judge me!

Plus doing all the so called “mommy” things has insured that my kids and I have a way better bond! They just don’t see me as gift buyer or bully beater, they see me as their everything. That’s a dope feeling!

They Aren’t Clones, They Are Better Versions Of You

#FatherhoodIsLit How To Be A Dope Dad

I was lucky enough to be raised by my dad and he always told me that I was going to be way better than he ever was! I treat my kids the same way now.

I don’t want them to be just like me even though that would be pretty cool. I want them to be 1000 times better than me so I push for more from them every chance I get.

We might look alike, I might influence how they behave but what’s inside of them will be all them. They will be better than me because I am giving them a foundation to work off of and they will make it better.

Every generation raises the bar; I’m there to make sure they know they can just like I did and just like my dad did!

It doesn’t take a lifetime of work to be that perfect dad we all strive to be. We are already there by being present and involved in our kids lives. Work on these things every day and you will feel better about yourself. You will notice the difference and your kids will be the beneficiary of all your work. Do it big player!!!

Have more tips on becoming a dope dad, hit me up!!



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