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Turning Your Kids Ideas In To Movies With A Free Apple Camp

Did you know Apple offers a free camp for kids???

I didn’t either until a friend posted a picture about it on IG.

I decided to register my son for all 3 summer camps they were offering and loved it!

Price: Free
Dress Code: Come As You Please
Time Needed: 1 hour 30 minutes
Age Range: 8-12
Fun Factor: Really Dope Learning Experience For Kids + Parents
Registration Needed: Hell Yeah, Register ASAP, if you can’t get in try this for single sessions!!

The 1st camp we attended focused on movie production and iMovie! It was called Stories In Motion with iMovie and here’s everything you need to know.

Day 1: Idealization + Story Boarding

#FatherhoodIsLit Apple Camp

Kids didn’t have to be proficient in tech, and the 1st day they actually didn’t even use technology at all. The  camp did a great job sticking to the fundamentals of movie making.

First they learned how to use a story board to bring their ideas to life but to also give them a guide to follow. They used the paper above as an outline to brainstorm and get things going

They also spent time talking about setting up scenes to be shot and how they could use their phones or devices to capture different angles. While brainstorming the instructors were able to show the kids why they need a story board and why it was important to really think about their scenes.

You might think that all you have to do is press record but kids learned the importance of filming multiple scenes and leaving space in between footage so their clips don’t feel rushed.

Really really dope and I even learned a few things myself!

Day 2: Intro To iMovie + Editing

#FatherhoodIsLit Apple Camp

Before the 2nd day, all the kids are expected to record various scenes or simply take pictures they might need. Here is when a parent can get involved but remember not to take control. All you need to do is help them stay on track and think about the overall goal of the movie.

My son must have recorded at least 20 different clips and it was time to put those clips to work.

After a quick 15 minutes of the instructors teaching the basics of iMovie on the iPad, the real magic started to happen.

Watching my son place clips into iMovie and then even re-shooting some of the clips he didn’t like was so dope. He shuffled things around, added sound effects and asked tons of questions.

The instructors did a great job of providing support and guiding the kids through the whole process. By the end of day 2 my son had a 2 minute clip to present to the class and that made me so proud.

Day 3: Movie Festival

#FatherhoodIsLit Apple Camp

The final day is special because all the students get to present their work to everyone! It was like a mini film festival with our kids being the stars!

I was nervous for my son but he went up to the front and presented like a boss.

It was a day for the kids to enjoy their work no matter how great or creative it was, no judgment passed, just smiles!

I watched my son and other kids give each other high 5’s for the work they did and talk to their parents about how much they learned.

Day 3 showed how important a camp like this truly is and it also gave the kids a chance to show off for their parents. Real DADS know kids love showing off for us, so let them do so and take pride in being there to support.

Here’s his movie below!

Overall, I highly recommend that register your kids for future camps. Only issue I had was that I couldn’t get my 4 year old in. They said he was too young but I think he would have killllllled it!!!

It’s a dope way for kids to learn with other kids and there’s no pressure on anyone to outperform. Worst case scenario, they get to start editing your family videos from now on.

Not a bad trade off at all!

Did you ever attend an Apple Camp, let me know I want to hear all about it!



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