29 Apr

The benefit of fully being there

How do we dads benefit from a virus like the corona virus or any pandemic?

It sounds like an idiotic question but in reality, this pandemic is helping some dads. 

Some dads don’t really know what their worth is. They see themselves as providers and some times, unfortunately, that’s all they know how to do. To provide and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

However; with this pandemic, some of those same fathers now have to step up in ways they didn’t have to before or even thought they couldn’t do! 

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The benefits of being there are tremendous and it’s not hard to appreciate them either once you know what to look for. Our kids’ growth or happiness.

You benefit from all of this as well

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In this week’s episode, I talked about the benefits of being there and why it’s a benefit FOR YOU, not just your kids. 

Now we get to be involved with our kids in ways we might have always wanted to but couldn’t due to LIFE. 

For me, being able to help my kids with their schoolwork isn’t fun. It’s boring and to be honest, I don’t want to relearn the work they are doing. I got my own issues!

But now I have no choice. I have two work with them and I get to really witness what they know and don’t know. I get to measure their work and by doing so, I can now actually help them where they need the extra help. 

Having report cards or even communication with your kids’ teachers is a good substitute but wow being there to witness them work is everything. You can really analyze what’s going on with no pressure and think of ways to help. Talk about benefiting from this pandemic. 

The benefits are endless

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The benefits of being there don’t start or end with being able to help your kids with school work either.

The benefits are endless. 

Now all we have his time with our family. Now we can bond over the smallest of things like a full moon showing up in the sky. or the lack of stars we can see due to pollution. 

We can take the time to reminisce about our childhood by telling our kids stories that they won’t believe, like us not having cellphones back in the old days. 

The skies the limit when it comes to the benefits of being there, but one thing for sure, you won’t experience it if you choose NOT to be fully there! 

All In

#fatherhoodislit benefits

Put your phone and devices down for a few hours. Soak in all that your kids give you even if what they want to do isn’t your thing. 

We might never ever have this much time to spend together again and that’s a huge benefit for dads that want to be there. 

This isn’t the ideal way for us to spend time together but it’s a blessing none the less. Don’t miss out on the little things that come from being there, those things might turn out to be huge.

You have the benefit of being there to soak it all in, make your presence felt, and have those dope moments together. 

We benefit from all of this even when it doesn’t feel like it. Make your presence felt.

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